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Whirldfuzzz is a new show brought to you by Sheila Divine and Tallulah Magoo. Bringing you our discoveries of rock n roll and guitar music over the past 50-60 years from all around the world! Predictable name Worldfuzz I know, but we decided to spell it whirldfuzzz instead...why? and why the extra z? Er, because we can! We claim to be no experts, but only mere music lovers, trailing through compilations, reissues and going to gigs to get our fix. We will attempt each show to bring you the filthiest and fuzziest records we can find!

Sheila & Tallulah have escaped to Athens, Greece in preparation for We’re Loud Festival organised by Slovenly Recordings, in combination with the co-release with Black Gladiator of We’re Loud – 90s cassette punk unknowns. It’s loud and we’re eating feta and souvlaki! ENJOY!

The Whirldfuzzzz Gurlzzz are back together with Whirldfuzzz #5. Join Sheila Divine and Tallulah Magoo for our maddest selection yet!!

Sheila Divine and guest host Felix Montpelier bring you a mind bending, foot tapping, ear drum popping cocktail of noise (with a double shot of synth) in the latest Whirdfuzzz. If a globe-spanning psych-funk, party punk, rock n' roll good time is what yer after, you're in the right place.

1. Songhoy Blues – Soubour

2. Salty Dog – Fast

3. Acid Baby Jesus – Amalia

4. Komodina 3 – Agira Paida

5. Anarkia Tropikal – La Destruction es el Primer

6. Messer Chups – Dark Story

7. Alash – Chavidak

8. Maryam Saleh – Wahdy

Sheila Devine and Tallulah Magoo return from their hibernation at long last, with another delightfully chaotic mix of rocknroll/psych/punk/freakbeat/metal mishmash from all over the world!

Join Sheila Divine and Tallulah Magoo for Whirldfuzzz #2. They’ll be traversing the globe to find some fuzzy musical gems, including a ridiculous contender for the slab of filth. Tunes from Japan, Angola, Europe and moreee.

Join Sheila Divine and Tallulah Magoo in the first episode of their show called Whirldfuzzz!

For the next two hours, they bring you an adventure of fuzz, psych, punk, noise and rock'n'roll from all around the world. Join us while we jam out to some our favourite tracks found on the road less travelled...