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Wednesday Sessions

At the end of every wednesday the SOAS Radio team comes together to play you their favourite tracks from all genres, eras, places - there's a new theme each week, so tune i for some late afternoon fun!

New Releases and Re-issues

The SOAS Radio team play their best tracks of 2015 and share their musical journeys of the year.
Expect a nostalgic trip to 90s with Dj Isuru representing the Asian Underground. Miia jumps continents with Amara Toure for the Afro Cuban vibe. Akaafele drops in for some "spiritual healing" while Helen plays some classic William Onyeabor.

Althea delivers a powerful mission statement on music consumption and SOAS Radio's raison d'etre.
All in all an exciting year for SOAS Radio!

Merry Xmas and Happy New year to all our listeners!

Join DJ Isuru and Admiral Miia as they cast off and play songs about the sea, be it sailing, deep sea diving, pirates we've covered all bases. Expect songs from Morcheeba, Massive Attack, Harry Belafonte, Portico Quartet and... All Saints(seriously!)

"The SOAS Radio Team often behave like animals, so this weeks theme is animals" - Join DJ Isuru as he takes you through the animal Kingdom from furry friends to dangerous creatures, expect animal related tracks from Underworld, The Prodigy, Bob Marley, Mastadon, Squeeze Bhangra group Tigerstyle and of course some Jungle!

Join DJ Isuru and Bungalow Joe as they play songs about leaders and leadership. Expect political songs from around the world and some tongue in cheek references to our leader Captain Badger. With tracks from Admiral Bailey, Public Enemy, and The Specials. SOAS radio pays tribute to some of the greatest political and musical leaders of our time.

Music that makes you Daydream or songs that you hum while you daydream, join the SOAS Radio team as they play their most dreamy and inspirational songs, expect Sarah Winton, Ruby Suns, Neil Halstead, plus some Dub, Soul, K-pop and a dance track!

Zombies have Invaded the studio! and the SOAS Radio Team pick some of the scariest tracks for Halloween, expect bizarre music from Aphex Twin, Funkadelic, CocoRosie and Outkast plus some Halloween classics and meet the new team for this year!

Join DJ Isuru and DJ Tsering as they play the finest in Hardcore, Rave, Ambient, and associated genres! And also some UK Hip Hop and Dancehall. Blow your whistles and wave your glow sticks in the air!

Join DJ Isuru as he takes you to a time in the mid 80s to early 90s where Hip Hop met House!
Featuring Hip Hop, Acid House and a cheeky Dancehall classic.
Throw your shapes but don't spray paint the walls!

Join Miia and Bungalow Joe as they play you the songs of their summers, expect 70s funk, psychedelic India, South African disco and well music from everywhere!

DJ Isuru plays a hyper track followed by a chilled out track, back to back! for those moments in life where you're hyper one minute and chilled out the next! Dedicated to all those starting Uni, and to those who handed in their dissertations last month! Re-live the hype and chill feeling! Expect Jungle, Acid House, Footwork paired with Chill Out, Ambient and devotional songs oh and also a metal track...

Songs you like and you don't know why? (Well it's because they are covers of songs you like), Join the Soas Radio Team and "Special guests" as they explore interesting cover versions of famous songs. Hear your favourite songs in ways you havent heard them before, from dance remixes to traditional spins from around the world.

WARNING - This show has ended friendships!

Who is the centre of the music universe? Join the SOAS Radio team as they attempt to find the most influential and far reaching musician of all time! Spanning the history of recorded music and covering all genres, listen to the short list selected by the SOAS Radio DJs and hear them battle it out over who will be crowned Centre of the Music Universe!

For the "Deadline haterz", the "Procrastinatorz" and the "Don't worry about it now, I'll do it laterz!"

The SOAS Radio Team bring you a show dedicated to the songs that get you through (and keep you from) revision.
From Disco to Classical and upbeat and downbeat, this is dedicated to all those who still have exams/deadlines and those who have got through them!

SOAS Radio has a new Cabinet! (from Ikea)

Following the UK General Election last week, the SOAS Radio Team bring you a Wednesday Session on the theme of Politics, playing songs dedicated to current and ex-ministers and political songs from the 60s and 80s to modern times and from all over the world.