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Last Train to Belgrade

The Last Train to Belgrade is a show exploring the many different musical strands that have emerged from the Balkan region. We particularly love traditional Romany music, with its fast-paced danceable brass band sounds and the rich vocal traditions of Manele. This isnt a show preserved in aspic, and so we play new music from here the U.K and across the world, the so-called "gypsy sounds" which are mixed with electronica, punk, ska and much more. From Fanfare Ciocarlia to Rotfront, we will be playing big names and smaller relatively unknown bands who are playing this deeply enjoyable music. We are Richard Connor and Steev Burgess, and if you want to say hi, please join our facebook page here Enjoy!

Hello and welcome to the Last Train to Belgrade Episode 5! In this show we play a grand mixture of various sounds, with the Worldly Savages from London now in Serbia, and traditional sounds from across Yugoslavia, come join us and hop along to the infectious sounds of the Balkans! Oh and tell us what you think on our facebook page Opa!

Welcome to another episode of the Last Train to Belgrade with your host Richard Connor. This episode is rioutous and very danceable, you have been warned! Featured is some Alabian Clarinet music, Serbian Brass Bands and London's finest band Gypsy Fever. Hopa!

Welcome to the Third journey on the Last train to Belgrade today we listen to the musical dialogue from East to West and back again, with music that crosses the borders in film and satellite and finds a home in Belgrade, Bucharest, London, Berlin and beyond.

Our second show has arrived at the station and is full of lots of new passangers from around the world all playing gypsy infused music. In this show were putting the spotlight on some contemporary bands, including Gypsy Fever from London, Gogol Bordello from New York and Rotfront from Berlin. Lots of styles are also represented from ska to klezmer and back again. Please let us know what you think on our facebook page Last Train to Belgrade!

1 The Last Balkan tango by Boris Kovac Ladaaba Orkestar on The Last Balkan tango album

Welcome to the first episode of the Last Train to Belgrade hosted by Steev Burgess and Richard Connor. This episode is an introduction, an exploration of some of our favourite gypsy music, both traditional and new, including some great songs from Russendisko and Emir Kusturica.