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Regional Spotlights Middle East

In this episode we are joined by Suzanne Husseini, well-known for her regular contributions to BBC Good Food and host of one of the most popular Arabic cooking shows in the Middle East. Come along with us on a travel from Morocco to the Gulf countries, and discover the peculiarities of Arab cuisine while Suzanne gives us an insight into the history and meanings of a food culture full of tradition.

Presenters: Nayela Wickramasuriya /Script, Interview and Production: Stefanie Groth

The ongoing developments in the Middle East have a considerable impact on the Arab media landscape, both on a transnational and national media. In this episode of Regional Spotlights we investigate the current developments in the Arab Satellite TV news market with new competition arising for Al Jazeera. We spoke to Deena Mostafa, former presenter for the Egyptian State TV, about the challenges of media transition in Egypt. Presenters: Nayela Wickramasuriya, Alexander Shaw / Script, Interview and Production: Stefanie Groth

While Egypt and Syria attract the full glare of the world media spotlight, and other countries like Bahrain and Yemen catch a few of its rays, there are also protest movements in the Arab world that remain firmly in the dark, such as the 25th of February movement in Mauritania and recent student protests in Morocco. Clearly, the protest movements that have swept across the Middle East affect the entire region in a much wider scope, than one could tell from mainstream media. Therefore we interviewed two young Sudanese, asking how the Arab uprisings are perceived in their country.

In this episode we’ll look at two of the countries at the periphery of the Arab Uprisings, Bahrain and Yemen, where protests haven’t garnered as much attention in the West.
Dr Corinna Mullin, lecturer at SOAS in comparative politics, talked to us about the role that the international community is playing in Bahrain and how it affects the recent developments. And British-Yemeni freelance journalist Abubakr al-Shamahi informs us about the current situation in Yemen.

The ongoing upheavals in the Middle East region, that kicked off in December 2010 in Tunisia, had been quickly placed within the framework of the 'Arab Spring'. But does the term fit one year on?
In our first part of this Spotlight we will have a look on the current events in Egypt and Syria.While the revolution in Egypt was succesful in ousting Mubarak, by now the country goes through what some call its 'second revolution'. Meanwhile, Syria is still faced with Bashar al-Assad and a worrying trend of growing levels of violence.

Four months on from Mubarak’s resignation, and in the second of our shows on the events in Egypt, Nayela Wickramasuriya and Alex Etchart bring you up to speed with developments in the country. The problems facing the demands for self-rule are examined, but we also look at the reasons to be optimistic that the aims of the protests will be met.

In the wake of Mubarak’s resignation, and in the first of two shows on events in Egypt, presenters Nayela Wickramasuriya and Joe Buckley bring you up to speed with the origins of, and the background to, the protests. The second show will look more fully at the outcomes of the protests, but here we also consider who the opposition is and what they’ve looked like in the build up to this announcement.