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Regional Spotlights Asia

In this Asia spotlight programme, Rahul Verma and Charlotte England explore emerging musical subcultures in India and Burma.

Rahul speaks to Vidhi Gandhi who worked at Bombay's leading music venue, Blue Frog, about the growing popularity of electronic music, how the Police view club culture with suspicion, and the artists at the forefront of Indian electronic music.

In October, two-year-old Wang Yue was killed in a road accident in China's Guangdong Province. CCTV footage showed 18 people walking or cycling past without stopping to help. Does the story reveal a failure of morality in modern Chinese society? What does Chinese philosophy have to say about helping strangers? Should there be a law to make people stop and help?

Dr Zhu Sanzhu from the School of Law and Dr Lu Xiaoning from the Chinese Department join us in the studio...

This week we're in Japan, where the Olympus Corporation has been under pressure since mid-October. The CEO of the company was sacked after bringing to light certain suspicious acquisitions payments. Sonja Ruehl from the Department of Financial and Management Studies takes an in-depth look at the story and its implications for corporate Japan.