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Divercity transmits from Soas Radio and is hosted by the Freedom Teacher KMT.

KMT specializes in UK black/urban music fusing African, Hip-Hop, R’n’B, Dance Hall, Soul, Broken Beats, World, He has been working on radio and stages throughout the world for over 12 years, playing venues like Cargo, Shunt, Fabric, Stoke Rochford Hall, African Cup of Nations 2008and Glastonbury.

Divercity mixes music and art seamlessly. There is a strong emphasis on UK artists and the content of Divercity has been likened to a “Facebook of the radio waves”.

The policy of showcasing new or underground artists is intrinsically connected to the limited opportunities that many artists face when attempting to promote their work through the mainstream channels. Also part of Divercity is a proactive commitment to building a community of innovative, conscious and positive artists who understand that their art is a means to not only entertain, but to educate.

The 6th episode of Divercity is marked by a rather special visit from the UK's preeminent Hip-Hop ambassador Akala.

Akala is a Wordsmith, Intellectual, Sick Lyricist, Entrepreneurial and Activist. Akala is what Hip-Hop is and should be. Although he "not playlisted on radio 1" his success and popularity has been recognized world wide, fitting tribute to the power of truth and self determination.

So with out further a due let me let me introduce Akala and Knowledge Is Power which is also his Self Entitled Mix CD.

The sun is out there and there is no way better to celebrate the transformation of the capital than inviting London's finest duo Native Sun to bless SOAS Radio with some rays of music straight from the heavens.

The queen of Afro Beats Wunmi returns to the UK (her place of birth) for an energy filled journey of her life via Nigeria and the U.S. This is her last interview before her show at Mo Mo's and imminent deportation, only joking! (I mean departure) back to the United States. Wunmi is an artist with no labels, she designs her own clothes and has her own label. She has danced with Soul 2 Soul and choreographs her own shows, performing as a recording artist with some of the most prolific producers / artists which include Masters of Work of Work, Bugz in the Attic and T.Roy from Broadcite. If you catch your breath KMT also manages to play an exclusive from Wunmi's upcoming Album as well as a freestyle !

KMT welcomes jazz, punk, hip hop and self-reliance renegades United Vibrations into the studio for a chat...

Track Listing:

United Vibrations - My Way

4Hero ft Ursula Rucker - Loveless

United Vibrations - London Bridge

United Vibrations - Journey

The 2nd spirit raising Divercity program invites an ambassor of sustainability, Kiya, to talk about TW Rhino Village, a self sustained Eco village being built single handely by herself in Uganda in Africa. KMT and Kiya talk about the importance of self sustainability in Africa and lace the conversation with the soulful sounds of FLOetic Lara - an artist who managed by Kiya herself.

In this the first episode of Divercity, KMT reasons with hip hop theatre pioneer and practitioner Jonzi D, artistic director of Breakin' Convention.