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A Tall Order

A podcast series for SOAS Radio, A TALL ORDER uses art exhibits around London as a jumping off point to discuss about other issues and questions. Whether theoretical or cultural, big picture or closely focused, the show explores ideas from around the world.

On show until the 17th of December, 2011, at the Brunei Gallery at SOAS is the exhibit "Weaving the Threads of Livelihood; the aesthetic and embodied knowledge of Berber weavers." In this episode of A Tall Order, the curator of the exhibit, Myriem Naji, speaks about her experiences living with the weavers, and some of the difficulties they face.

This episode profiles an innovative student-run project directed at furthering connections between consumers and producers, trying to find new solutions to problems embedded in development with newly available technologies.

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This episode of A Tall Order visits the Brunei Gallery's current exhibition. Entitled "A Disappearing World," the exhibit documents the lives of tribal Indians - Adivasis - displaced by mining. Speaking with Robert Wallis and Jennifer Wallace, photographer and writer on the project, this show explores problems behind India's rapid economic growth, the displacement of people, and efforts at resistance.

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On this episode of a Tall Order, documentary photographer Robert Gumpert discusses his work in the San Francisco county penal system and within it, some of the complications of the race-based gang subcultures.