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If you’ve ever driven through the Spanish countryside you’ll know that it’s the best in the entire world. Endless ochre yellow & rich brown rolling hills dotted with olive groves and swathes of sunflower fields, basking in the scorching rays of the shiniest star. In one particular region – the Iberian peninsula – these earthy colours are even more magnificent and it’s also where the musical heritages of Arab traders, Sephardic Jews, and Celts have clashed and combined, culminating in the music of El Naán .

Talented singer/composer Clara Sanabras returned to AWIL with an exclusive preview of her forthcoming album, ‘Scattered Flight.’ Weaving songs around the theme of exile from Spain, fifteenth century to present day, Scattered Flight is a must-listen along with this A World In London episode!

HGT Radio show 133

Tropical all the way from the esoteric to the the dancehall, from Spanish reggae to Colombian glitch cumbia. For the second half of the show it is a Vampi Soul special highlighting a few of the great releases on the label.

"At once serious and playful" would be a good way to describe this episode. We hear Kika's impressions about Spain and the revolutionary songs she brought back from the land of the indignados, but also poke a little fun at Brazilian musicians who have tried to sing in Spanish at any one point of their careers. Have fun!

p.s. Sorry for the delay, we're trying to change the w... no, that one's old. How about: sorry for the delay, we were trying make sense of what's going on in Brazil! We'll tell you more about it soon, promise.

Tiger Blossom's main man, Johnny Mooney nipped over to A World In London. This local band dabble in all kinds of sounds and Johnny himself is an amazing multi-instrumentalist. Live gigs are lined up in Clapham and various other venues across the capital so you can check out Tiger Blossom near you soon!

Galicia, Spain, has one of the highest densities of bagpipers in the world. The gaita is a popular
instrument and is played in many circumstances, from traditional gatherings to concerts and huge
festivals. With a quick historical background, this episode will mainly be playing records from the first
ever recorded gaitas in 1904 to the latest modern electro-rock sounds.