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Songs from Southeast Asia

Thant Sin and Almira travel across Southeast Asia to bring to you a unique collection of popular songs with each episode focusing on one country from around the region, from the classics to the contemporary. Whether you are from the region or someone who does not know anything about it, we invite you to join us in our musical journey.

In this third episode, we bring you some of the best music from Thailand. We explore a different range of musical styles, from the popular musical classification called Luk Thung or music for the rural audience, as well as other different unique styles of contemporary Thai pop, rock, traditional and ethnic music. Also in this episode, we have a special guest and Thai musician from SOAS, Fino Patanasiri.

This second episode explores the golden age of Cambodian rock and roll as well as traditional and contemporary artists from Cambodia . This podcast features legendary Khmer singers such as Kong Nay as well as classic singers, Sinn Sisamouth, Ros Sereysothea and Pan Ron who were lost during Khmer rouge.

Track List

This first episode begins in Myanmar. We have carefully chosen a wide range of songs - from the more traditional side of the spectrum (Myanmar harp, rural music, festival music and ethnic songs), to the more modern side (popular fusion songs of Myanmar orchestra and western instruments, and Myanmar rock).

Track List

Introduction - Sone Taw Myaing by Nei Wah

01 - Man Taung Yeik Kho by Ko Aunt Gyi

02 - Mahar San Thu by Khin Maung Toe

03 - Nyein Chan Thar Yar Thaw Nel Myay by Ni Ni Win Shwe

04 - Sein Chu Kyar Nyaung by Yee Yee Thant