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SOAS Concert Series

In Behind The Music this week, we hear from Michael and Joe from London Sacred Harp. We learn all about this unique style of community singing that spans way back in history to the 1800s.

In Behind The Music this week, we meet Olcay Bayir, a Kurdish-Turkish singer who brings the regions of Anatolia & Mesopotamia to life through music. We learn all about her varied influences and hear some beautiful tracks form her debut album 'Neva/Harmony'.

Be transported to the streets of Montevideo with this live recording of Guillermo Rozenthuler's Candombé band.

Behind The Music Special featuring music from the new album by Kasse Mady Diabate launched at SOAS on Monday 24th November.

Oxford Maqam members, Ethnomusicologist and Qanoun player Martin Stokes and vocalist Yara Salahiddeen give us a taste of the music they will perform in the SOAS Concert series. They will talk to Karen Boswall about the passions and inspirations behind the music of Oxford Maqam and in particular, improvisation in Arabic music of the 18th-19th Century.

This week we invited Guillermo Rozenthuler along to the studio to give us some context about the concert he will be leading on the the 10th November in SOAS’s Brunei Gallery.

In it we learn something of the music from Uruguay, Latin-America’s ‘unknown gem’, and how the Afro-carnival tradition and rhythm of Candombé spread from Montevideo to influence the music of the Rioplatenses. We hear from Guillermo’s own band as well as some of the leading figures of folkloric, funk, jazz, tango, beat and pop that incorporated the Candombé into their music.

Swedish polskas meet Scottish reels, and more! - Live Recording of Världens Band at the Soas Concert Series - Monday 20th October.

In the latest show of Behind the Music, we talk to Cassandre Balbar and Charu Hariharan from Världens Band to find out more about the band and their music.

A rare chance to hear Kameyama Kono, one of Japan’s foremost Yamada-ryu koto masters performing a range of traditional and modern pieces for koto, shamisen and shakuhachi. Having studied under the legendary koto teacher and composer, Nakanoshima Kin-ichi, she embarked on a solo career bringing new lights to the roots of the classical repertoire while also exploring contemporary koto music through an acclaimed series of concerts, CD recordings and performances on TV and radio. In this recital she is accompanied by the rising shamisen star Kaori Naka, and Michael Soumei Coxall on shakuhachi.

She’Koyokh is London’s award-winning klezmer ensemble performing Ashkenazi Jewish, Eastern European, Balkan and Turkish folk music everywhere they can: from international festivals via weddings to street corners.

Khyam Allami - Resonance/Dissonance Album Launch

This concert launched Khyam Allami’s debut album Resonance/Dissonance, composed in a creative flurry at SOAS in Feb 2011. Khyam was accompanied by percussionist Vasilis Sarikis.

Sit back and enjoy the sublime, meditative sounds of the santoor played by one of the most promising British-based young players, Kaviraj Singh. The third son of eminent musician Dharambir Singh (a SOAS graduate) he started his musical career at the tender age of five and has been working hard on his musical development ever since. The santoor is an ancient hammered dulcimer instrument, which has been used to accompany the hymns of Sufi mystics, conjuring up visions of Himalayan foothills. Kaviraj will be accompanied on tabla by Upneet Singh.

Throw aside preconceived musical prejudices, abandon all attempts to catalogue: a rich chemistry of cultural influences is at work when Adriano Adewale and his group get together on stage.

Istanbul-born singer Çiğdem (say Cheedem) brings an authentic voice and exquisite styling to the poignant songs associated with the Greek and Turkish diasporas created after the forced population exchanges in the early 1920s. Born out of hardship yet full of resilience and with a devil-may-care attitude this repertoire shares the music, lyrics and sentiments of rebetiko and Western Turkish styles; a heritage belonging to both communities.