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Seoul System

Bringing you the best in Korean hip-hop and R'n'B.

Kwon and Sebastian play the hottest new tracks, from the classics from the still relatively young Korean hip-hop scene, and to the underground gems, rarely heard outside the Korean peninsula; whilst introducing a little about the history of Korean hip-hop, and discussing the current hip-hop scene in Korea.

The last of the unaired Seoul System shows back from 2010. Kwon finds a fun track but from a completely unexpected artist, while Seb channels his inner Korean Nelly. This episode features music from Rhyme-A, Leo Kekoa, Double Trouble and a classic from DJ DOC.

A late night recording of the show leaves Kwon and Seb a little scatter business as usual! This latest episode features coffee and coke, discussions about Ja Rule's diet, bad impressions of Korean reggae artists, and of course great music, featuring the likes of MC Sniper, Primary, the Hi-Lite crew, as well as a classic track by CB Mass.


Another chilled out show, this time from early 2013. Well...supposedly chilled out, but with Seb and Kwon it doesn't always stay that way. Featuring music from Zion. T, Dok2 and Dumbfoundead, as well as something a little different with Ailee and Brave Girls.

Another unreleased show from 2010, this time Seb and Kwon play some more chilled out, soulful tracks, from the likes of Boni, Jinbo and Tasha.

Carrying on with shows in 2013 (show 22 was recorded on 24th Jan 2013), Kwon and Seb talk about hip-hop spelling, trolling and cassette tapes, as well as playing some old gems from the likes of Epik High, Honey Family and Drunken Tiger.

Recorded three years ago on March 12th 2010 live at the SOAS Radio Studio, the Seoul System team brings you a very special show with guest Korean Hip-hop artist Jazzy Ivy! Ivy was in London hosting an international b-boy event and Seoul System dragged him to the SOAS Radio studios to spit some freestyle, talk about music and answer some listener’s questions. Check out the three live freestyle songs as well some of his favourite picks.

G火자 – T(윤미래)
다 똑같아 – Swings
Lyrics of Fury – Gehrith Isle

New show recorded on 15th January 2013, Kwon and Sebastian are officially back. Having been gone for a while their hosting skills have perhaps gone a little rusty, but as always the music is on point! Featuring tracks from the likes Primary, Beenzino and Koonta and a new exclusive from Jinbo, let's welcome back the Seoul System boys and look forward to what they will bring in the year 2013.

Retro show from summer 2010 finally released! Kwon and Seb are back from a break and look at rivalries and beef between artists and fans such as ChoPD and Rimi. Epik High, Dok2, T, and Double K are amongst a few that feature in each other's collaborations taken from the 'Map The Soul' label. Joe Brown and Deez provide the smoother feel of the show.

Seoul System continues to bring you great Korean Hip-Hop and R&B into the year 2010. Featuring tracks by Double Trouble, Mad Clown and Jinbo as well as Seb and Kwon's usual chatter... Tracklist 쿵팍 Life - JK Kim Dong Wook (ft. Leo Kekoa) Complex - Double Trouble 오마리 - Big Small (ft. 닭발) 죽 먹었어?! - Mad Clown Outsider - Leessang (ft. Double K) In Da Club - Mikemania (ft. Soulful Monster) 회상 - Garion 너없는 - Jinbo 차렷! - TBNY Free F**k - Simon Dominic

Part two of Seoul System's interview with Korean underground artist, MC Jazzy Ivy.

The Seoul System team brings you a series of special interview shows, giving you direct access into the Korean Hip-Hop scene. This is the first in a series of interviews recorded late summer of 2009. This week features a special two-parter with the underground, MC Jazzy Ivy. Music by Jazzy Ivy and others are presented, as he talks about his music, his influences and the Korean Hip-Hop scene today.

Merry Christmas! Seoul System celebrates with a special Christmas show. The first half of the show is business as usual, playing Korean Hip-Hop by artists such as Leessang, Buga Kingz and Oliv. The second half of the show is dedicated to Korean Hip-Hop Christmas songs and how Christmas is viewed in Korean Hip-Hop.

Featuring artists include Soul Company, Leo Kekoa and Jiggy Fellaz.

It's a new season at Seoul System - Seb and Kwon are back from their break and they play some of the best new music they've been listening to over the Autumn, including Tracks by P'Skool, Supreme Team, Pinodyne and Soul Company.

Seoul System goes rock! Seb and Kwon listen to 'Nine Ears' who try to mix Hip-Hop and Rock music, but concludes when it comes to rock and rap, it's got to be Seo Taiji. More Hip-Hop and R&B from Smokie J, Drunken Tiger and Ra.D.

Kwon and Seb are in danger of alienating the international listeners by somehow talking about BBC cricket, Marmite and So Solid Crew instead of Korean Hip-Hop. Fortunately E.Via asks the question, "Please, can I do it?" and other music this week features a track from Drunken Tiger's latest album as well as Koonta and Nuoliunce, 246, Soulstar and Vitality.

This week on Seoul System features a track showcasing 31 Korean MC's, which Seb and Kwon dubs as the starting point in exploring the Korean underground hip-hop scene. Other music from Untouchable, Soul Connection and Dynamic Duo with German hip-hop superstars Massive Tone.

The Seoul System team commemorate their show 10 landmark by...forgetting it. But the music is not forgotten featuring Baechigi, Kero One, Kebee, and Pento.

Kwon turns up to the studio a little worse for wear, but still plays some great music featuring UPT, Ignito, Isane Deegie, Fantastik Dos and a request track for MC Sniper.

Show 8 features a special shoutout to a fellow OpenAir show, Dub Station, with music from M&A, Junggigo and Fana.

겸손은 없다 [No Modesty] - Swings (ft. Rimi)
I Guess - Pe2ny (ft. 낯선, Kikaflo)
I'm No Good - E-Sens (ft. Minos, Simon Dominic)
Fortune Cookie - M&A (ft. Stony Skunk)
그 양반 이야기 [The Story of that Yangban] - CB Mass (ft. 유진아)
Universoul 2 - Gaknakgunae / Jazzy Ivy (ft. Vasco, 샛별)
Triple Flow - Loptimist (ft. 넋업샨 & RHYME-A-)
Byebyebye - Junggigo
가면무도회 [Masquerade] - Fana
One - 은지원 (ft. Dynamic Duo)

The Seoul System team celebrate winning a basketball competition. Music-wise they take a look at Leo Kekoa's past and present situation, and asks the question have Korean hip-hop artists gone soft?...

최면 [Hypnotize] – Bobby Kim (ft. Tablo of Epik High)
Circus 2008 – Simon Dominic (ft. E-Sens, Dok2)
Nu Skool – Double K
달리자 [Let’s Run/Drink] – Verbal Jint (ft. Swings, Basic)
Beyond the Wall - Dynamic Duo (ft. Supreme Team)
Insomnia – Wheesung
Single – JYP (ft. Bobby Kim)
S.E.C.R.E.T. - Born Kim (ft. 김선미 [Kim Sun-Mi])
School of Hip-Hop – Gaknagunae/Jazzy Ivy (ft. Tablo, Garion)
정열의 방 [Room of Passion] – Primary & Mild Beats (ft. E-Sens, Mellow)
지금 만나러 갑니다 [Going to Meet Her Now] – 김연우 [Kim Yun-Woo] (ft. Tablo)

Tracks by URD, Epik High, R'n'B artists Wanted and Will Smith - yes, Will Smith, listen to find out why...

The Korean urban scene has come a long way in a short time, but is garage a step too far? Tracks by Joe Brown, Nuol, and Outsider, Korea's answer to Twista.

Music from the burgeoning Korean R'n'B scene with Ra.D, and spotlighting new artist Gehrith Isle and the legendary first album from Dynamic Duo, 'Taxi Driver.'

Dangerous (feat. Supreme Team, Dok2) – Rhymebus

In The Beginning –Leessang (리쌍)

후희 (Regret) – 허인창 (Heo Inchang)

Body Body – Drunken Tiger(드렁큰 타이거)

나는 나뻐 (I’m Bad) – YDG (Yang Dong Geun)

멋시는친구 (Cool Fella) - Ra.D

Space platform 2.0 (feat. Gehrith Isle) – URD

Don’t Stop Rappin’ – Basick ft. Gehrith Isle

비극 Part 1 (feat K.O.D) – 다이나믹 듀오 (Dynamic Duo)

DJ Kwon and Sebastian play tracks from Korea's biggest hip-hop artists, including Drunken Tiger's very first single and the latest track from Kim Jin Pyo who released the very first pure rap album in Korea.

The first episode of OpenAir's new Korean hip hop and R'n'B program brings you classics from artists like Seo Tai Ji, Drunken Tiger and Tasha as well as featuring some of the hottest upcoming artists around.