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Sema Sasa

DeeKay and Bwana Rob are SOAS students with a passion for radio, and Swahili too! They are proud to present the first Swahili language show to be broadcast on SOAS Radio. Sema Sasa is an up-beat show bringing you the best of Swahili Hip-Hop and topical chat. Bwana Rob is dedicated to hunting down the best Swahili Hip-Hop artists, both new and old, and bringing them to the UK airwaves for everyone to enjoy. DebeKay knows how to get people talking, and each week she will be bringing in special guests to generate lively debate about the latest issues in East Africa and the UK. Hopefully the show can reach out to Swahili speakers and Swahili students, providing a new medium for Swahili on the airwaves!

African Development Forum (ADF) have been running for two years now and the this years forum was graced by an array of guests from different fields, all working in development in Africa. Listen to David Muller, one of its members, speak about this years theme and who are the speakers for this forum.

In this special feature we chat with KBC, one of the founding members of the legendary Swahili Hip Hop crew, Kwanza Unit. Listen in to find out more about the history of Swahili Hip Hop and where its headed in the next few years.

The elections in Kenya has got everyone debating, analysing and speculating! Listen to the a diasporic take on the election process and the outcome. Plus a comparison to the elections in the UK!


Afande Sele ft. Solo and Prof. Jay - Mtazamo
Mansu Li - Shabiki
Mwanahapa - Ramani
Stereo - Nitabaki Juu

This week we're celebrating World Radio Day with a one hour special! Check out tracks from X Plastaz Mixtape - Shule - and a whole load of interviews!

Back from Chrismas! Loads of energy packed in this show. We feature a Brand New track 'Chuki' requested by one of our listeners! Shout out to Jumbenylon! A lot is happening here at SOAS so listen on how to get to the Swahili pub crawl this Friday in London. Also we talk about the the Patrice Lumumba Coalition meeting and the Media in Tanzania!


Zaiid ft. Damien - Mistari Yako
C-Low ft. Babro - Chuki
Man Njoro, Checkmate, Ekori na Fundi Frank - Wanajua
MC Senzo ft Edzen na Fid Q - Hapa Hapa

Our first live show! An amazing start as we speak to Mzungu Kichaa in Dar es Salaam! Catch up with Kichaa, his new EP is out! Listen to African Hustle that features Dela from Kenya. Where and when is he touring next? Don't miss this show!

Dany Msimamo - Wapo wanaotaka
Mzungu Kichaa na Dela - African Hustle
Mzungu Kichaa - Twende Kazi
Ukoo Flani Mau Mau - Fanya Tena

This week we're joined in the studio by SOAS Student Kwame Otiende and we're talking about everything from the Nairobi jazz scene to life in the diaspora! Following the news that Kenyans living abroad may not be allowed to vote in the 2013 elections, we discuss how it will affect those in the UK. And of course, plenty of East African Hip Hop!


Salu T - Jasiri
Wakazi - Verses
Ndugus, Kaktus, Judge - Dunia ya Leo
X Plastaz - Kitata

This week we're joined in the studio by SOAS students David and Waseem who have recently founded the new SOAS Swahili Society. We get the latest about they're plans for the year and how you can get in touch. Also this week, it's impossible to get away from news of the Leveson inquiry, so we discuss the pros and cons of press freedom and regulation.


Fid Q - Propaganda
Malle ft Nash MC - kawaambie madogo
Audio Kusini - Tumechoka
Professor Jay ft Marco Chali - Kamili Gado

Back in the studio with a special guest Danielle Smith, a SOAS student who worked with Tanzanian Hip Hop artists in Arusha. Listen to find out who and some of their tracks!

Kimbunga, John Mtambo, Domo Kaya - Namrudisha kwao
Wadudu wa dampo ft Danielle- Maisha
Wadudu wa dampo - Stop drugs
One 2 five ft Dela - Nawaza

Film Africa festival has just finished! Great stuff on this show including an interview with Tosh Gitonga who we caught up with at the opening ceremony. Have you heard of Movember?

Kala Pina - Mstari wa mbele
Prof J - Jina Langu
Watengwa - Maisha yetu
Solo Thang - Miss Tanzania

Film Africa Festival is here! Listen To Jonathan Taitt Talk about the preparations and the festival highlights which runs from 1st Nov to 11th Nov. We've also got Fiona Brook on the show telling us about Moshi-based NGO, Mkombozi.


Salu T ft AY - Chunga sana
Audio Kusini - Unga unga
Umbwa Mzee - Mjeshi
Mecco south - Saa mbovu

We're back in the studio bringing you Hip Hop tunes form East Africa and the latest from around SOAS. As we're back at uni after the break, we talk to one student who has just returned from the Swahili year abroad in East Africa, and discuss the trouble with finding places to stay in London!


One, Songa, Ghetto Ambassador - Mahiri
Kitu Sewer - Sahi Sahi
Vinega - Waoga
X Plastaz & Fid Q - Furaha

Listen to our rant on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration and a Republican moaning about the cost of it all! Plus an insightful discussion on the recent riots in Zanzibar.What are the underlying reasons? Listen to one of the local residents give his opinion on the unity government of Tanzania.

Featuring a new track by Abass Kubaff and Nazizi, Monkey Flip

Essay deadlines and exam chaos have kept us out of the studio but now we're back with the usual mix of tunes and chat. This week we talk about Kenyan culture in London, a scandal at SOAS, and the potential of Nollywood and Bongowood.


Fid Q & Lord Eyes - Neno

Stereo - Swahili

Kwanza Unit & King Kikii - Msafiri

Man Njoro ft. Kaka Sungura - Uko Sure

This week we're talking about film with SOAS student Anna Curtis and translator Jonathan Beale. And we dicuss the recent corruption scandal concerning BAE in Tanzania. 

Professor Jay - Nawakilisha

Kaktus - Mziki Safari 

GWM - Yamenikuta

Nikki Mbishi - Punchlines

With Judith Tebbutt's release from Somalia this week, we talk a bit more about the situation in Somalia. We've also got the low down on St. Patrick's day, and have a quick chat with Dr Alena Rettova.

Walanguzi - Tuko Sawa, 

Maalim Nash - Maalim, 

One - Pure Namba,  Bonta ft. Joh Makini - Maarifa, 

 Week off during chaos of elections – back to business. In this episode we talk about the NUS Election results, NUS week of action and the first ever ruling of the ICC. 

Songa ft. Ghetto Ambassador - MathematrixAbbas Kubaff - Safari na Hii AbbasSalu T - UzoefuProfessor Jay - Zali la Mentali

Election special! Listen to the co-presidential candidates summarize their campaigns, with 'expert analysis' from bwana Rob and Dada DK

Joh Makini - Muda
Walanguzi - Mziki wa Kulevya
X Plastaz - Aha!
Bonta - Nauza Kura Yangu

Fresh from the launch of Getting Somalia Wrong? by Mary Harper, we talk about the common perceptions of the country and how they may be different from the reality. We’re also happy to have Chege Githiora on the show talking about the importance of mother tongue languages.

Fid Q na Doreen - Nyota ya Mchezo

Cool Muza na Montango - Wanangu wa Mtaani

Ndugus - Asali

Nikki Mbishi - Kijusi

At Sema Sasa we are celebrating World Radio Day! UNESCO has set 13 February as the World Radio Day and SOAS Radio has put up an event to celebrate this day. We talk about the importance of community radio and radio as a means of learning languages. We discuss the growth of Kiswahili, and focus on the Kiswahili colloquium in Bayreuth Germany which is a forum that promotes and revitilizes the use of Kiswahili. The colloquium is one not to miss and is a chance to meet writers like Said Mohamed and Abdi Latif Abdallah. Listen for more details!

Nasfi Huru and Kaktus - Baada ya Kazi

Business as usual at Sema Sasa. We chat about the freezing weather this week, and then get serious with a discussion about the Kenyan ICC case. And of course, a pick of the best hip hop coming out of East Africa!


Sugu aka Mr. II - Kiburi
ZAiid - Mziki Asili Yake Wapi
Miraba Minne - Vina Mpaka Uchina
Kalamashaka - Constantly

Happy New Year! Back form Christmas and with a new twist Sema Sasa! Still packed with great hip hop tunes and the lively chat. This week we talk about what we got upto during the festive season and what's been going on in the world!
This weeks artists are:
X Plastaz - Msimu kwa Msimu
Ndugus - Bila Chuki
Wakazi - Hali Halisi
Fid Q - Ielewe Mitaa

Debula and Bwana Rob talk to second year music student David about his East African musical experiences, and co-founder of the SOAS Swahili Society Jason about the Swahili scene in London. With comments about the November 30th strikes, and some big tunes from East Africa, its a show not to be missed!

Chiku K Ft. Lameck Ditto - Muda Umefika
Fid Q - Shimo Limetema
Solo Thang - Mambo ya Pwani
RIC - Shikamana

Undoubtedly back! With more rocking tunes and a special guest all the way form Tanzania! As usual, you'll be bobbing your heads to the eclectic mix of Swahili hip hop from Kenya and Tanzania. This week we discuss unemployment in the UK and uncover the tricks our guests have used to find employment here and abroad. Enjoy!

JCB - Sitowasahau
Kaktus - Kazi kwa Vijana
Kalamashaka - Tafsiri hii
Adili - Peke Yangu

This week we’re back with Debula and Bwana Rob bringing you new and old tunes as well as the latest news and issues. We discuss the student protests with special guests from SOAS and Birkbeck and find out a little about what we got up to for Bonfire Night.


ROMA – Tanzania
Sugu – Mikononi mwa Polisi
Ndugus – Niseme
X Plastaz ft Fid Q and Bamba Nazar – Afrika

For the first week of Sema Sasa we’re happy to bring you Hip-Hop from Tanzania and Kenya as well as three special guests, all SOAS students. We take a musical journey, and at the same time explore the reasons so many students are choosing to study Swahili these days. Listen in to find out!

Tracks: Profesor Jay - Nangatuka
Gaza, Ndolo & Johny - I Am
Zaiid - Mwanzo Mwisho