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"Rock is so much fun"- Jimi Hendrix

If you enjoy all sorts and kinds of rock music then this is the right show for you! You are about to have the treat of your life as Rock'n'Rolla, aka Iliana Magra, explores all styles of rock music, ranging from psychedelic, classic, hard and folk, to metal, alternative, country, indie, punk, progressive, blues rock and much much MORE. The element that makes this show different to every other rock show you might have listened to is that it combines the Western, mainstream rock we all adore with rock from across the world. The result? Amazing sound blending that you had never imagined but will immensely enjoy. Intrigued?

Press play and let's ROCK ON.

“Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll”- the philosophy that defined the youngsters of the ‘60s, the ‘70s and onwards. Rock’n’Rolla explores the first part of the quote. This time, the journey is a sensual one.

Happy New Year rockers! Rock'n'Rolla's second episode is dedicated to all passengers; but what are the implications of your constant travelling? How many of you hate to say goodbye and how far would you travel to meet your beloved ones? Press play as this journey is a musical one!

Rock'n'Rolla's first musical journey is a revolutionary one. Join Rock'n'Rolla in the spirit of the protests and listen to inspirational rock sounds of the West and the East!