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Rhythms of Resistance

In this episode we delve into some of the most original rock and folk music by legendary Iranian musician, songwriter, composer, singer ... FARHAD.
Come along and enjoy an hour of rhythms of resistance and a great deal of nostalgic tunes by Farhad.

In conversation with Berlin-based rapper Kaveh who started flowing in German, French and English back in 1995 and has been a presence on the German hip-hop, funk and jazz scene ever since. In 2001 he recorded his first German rap album (Conscious Intellect). He created his own live, hip-hop band called Mozaik in 2003. With his fellow artist Mehty, he formed the Persian hip-hop band called Daad. They released 2 albums (Gush Kon 2005, Tahe Del 2008). Kaveh also released a solo album with German and French lyrics (Ich geh mein Weg 2005).

Fabrizio de Andrè has been one of the greatest Italian songwriters.
Between the '60s and the '90s he shaped a sublime fusion of libertarian values and poetry in his music. The main characters of his songs were social outcasts such as prostitutes, criminals and drug addicts.
He also went through an unprecedented deep analysis of Christianity, highlighting the contradictions between the life of Jesus and the behaviour of the Church. All this and more in this episode of Rhythms of Resistance..

Hip Hop and the Police. Hip Hop has always reserved a special treatment to the embodiment of repression in poor neighbourhoods, both in the case of politicised and gangsta mc's. We are going through the lyrics of Italian and US hip hop to understand the musical response to different episodes of police brutality (the G8 in Genoa, the beating of Rodney King, NYPD killing of afro-american youth, the Uno Bianca gang and others). Different perspectives on the issue will be taken into account, included a rare attempt of presenting the view of a policeman...