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Radio in Nepal and the BBC South Asian language service

Podcasts of the seminar "The Radio in Nepal: Contemporary debates" and the panel "BBC South Asian Language Service - what future?" organised by the Centre of South Asian studies at SOAS.

Panel organised by the Centre of South Asian Studies with CRESC

William Crawley (co-author of Satellites over South Asia: broadcasting, culture, and the public interest (2001)
Alasdair Pinkerton (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Professor Marie Gillespie (Open University)
Aamer Ahmed Khan, Head of Urdu Service (BBC)
Priyath Liyanage, Head of Sinhala Service (BBC)
Richard Ottaway, MP (Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee)
[Chair] Francesca Orsini (SOAS)

The seminar 'The Radio in Nepal: Contemporary Debates' is organised by the SOAS Centre of South Asia Studies and the Britain-Nepal Academic Council.

Devraj Humagain, 'The Policy Environment for Independent Radio in Nepal, 1991-2011'
Pratyoush Onta, 'Independent Radio and the Public Sphere in Nepal'
Rama Parajuli, 'Doing Print and Radio Journalism in Nepal: A Practitioner's View'
Bhagirath Yogi, “BBC Nepali Sewa: Touching the Lives of Millions”
[Chair] Prof. Michael Hutt