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I'm Harvey Bruce. Nordorama is, admittedly by default, the premier Nordic music show in London - dedicated to uncovering artistic innovation and tradition from this incredibly diverse and creative portion of the world. Be it Icelandic electro, Norwegian avant-garde or Finnish folk-rock, I'll spoon it into your hungry ears. There's an image.

Plus, tune in for handy pointers to Nordic artists playing in London, interviews, live sessions and probably at some point a trip to the Nordic Bakery in Soho, to listen to me eat cake...

Harvey has company in the studio this week: Liv Brissach is one of the curators of NorskArt 2013, an exhibition for Norwegian art students in the UK. The theme this year is immigration, and Martine Poppe, who studies at the Slade, explains her contribution to the show. There's also the usual eclectic mix of music. Themes this week include synesthesia and Hawaii.

Harvey takes off this week, speaking to Highasakite at Highbury Garage, during an event promoting Oslo's Øya Festival, alongside Sandra Kolstad. Mostly by coincidence, the rest of the show has a heavy Reykjavík population with music from Sin Fang's new album, plus Retro Stefson, Hafdis Bjarnadóttir and Lay Low. Enough to see you through the week, but to keep you coming back for more.

Harvey Bruce unleashes the first Nordorama Mixtape - 50 minutes the best and ballsiest that the Nordics have to offer, including múm, Hedningarna, Highasakite and a few acts from Rune Grammofon.

In preparation for World Radio Day, Harvey speaks to BBC Radio 3 presenter Fiona Talkington about her passion for Norwegian music, and what the British music industry can learn from its Nordic counterparts. There's also music from Mew, a Danish band who have just announced that they're splitting and something very new from Iceland ex-pat John Grant.

A week of off-kilter music as Harvey speaks to Nis, The frontman of the intuitive Copenhagen music group Thulebasen. Some of their tunes are joined by hard-poppers LCMDF, a pump organ metal(ish) band from Norway, and four guys heralded as the last punk band in Finland. Enough Nordic music to make your head spin like he North Pole.

Back with a new year of fresh releases and lost forgotten gems from some of the world's most trend-conscious cities and remotest tundras. This week, Harvey speaks with Rune Kristoffersen, founder of daring Norwegian label Rune Grammofon. We hear some tracks from his archive, including a newish release from Elephant9. There's also multiple Icelandic singer-songwriter action, a musical thank you message from Sweden and soothing tuneage from the former lead singer of The Concretes.

Harvey Bruce is back from his brief sebatacle, and this week he's speaking to Danish psych-rock outfit The Wands. And just as you thought the sustained flow of epic Nordic music was algorithmically impossible, we also hear wild acts from Escho Records, Singapore Sling and a couple of Faroese stunners.

Anja and Hans from jazz trio Moskus call the show for a chat from Tolga, Norway. Discover some tracks from their debut album 'Salmesykkel', plus some of the bands signed to 'Record Records', the Icelandic indie label that's celebrating its fifth birthday this week. Together with music from Nils Bech and Boom Clap Bachelors, Nordorama is the premature eggnog to warm up your weekend.

People Of K get a word in this week as Harvey Bruce catches up with them at the Queen Of Hoxton, getting in-depth about cellos and Kafka. Also this week are a couple of tracks celebrating Sidsel Endressen's 60th birthday and the enormous influence she's had on Norwegian music, and there's tunes from Sóley and I Break Horses. A beautiful selection to Nord off to.

Just as we've finished covering festivals in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Iceland Airwaves is kicking off in Reykjavík. We're not there, but there's plenty of acts to listen out for, including Sudden Weather Change, The Echo Vamper and Pascal Pinon. Harvey also gets electroshock therapy from Sandra Kolstad, who he spoke to during her London album launch in September. An hour of Nordic aural pleasure, where the only thing left feeling blue is your fingers.

We kick off our second week dedicated to Punkt Festival in Kristiansand, Norway by chatting to Jan Bang, one of the festival's founders. An influential figure in live remixing, he talks about the festival's genesis and plans for the future. Also, Harvey talks to Ben Frost, a rather prolific noise musician living in Iceland. Other festival performers getting a play include Owen Pallett, Marconi Union and the Weekend Guitar Trio. A thermal bass layer as the northern winds take hold.

The first of two special programmes covering Punkt Festival in Kristiansand, which was curated this year by Brian Eno. This week Harvey speaks to Icelandic soundscapers múm and New York-based comedian and musician Reggie Watts. Alongside this is music from Arve Henriksen, Vladislav Delay and S.C.U.M.

A Swedish smörgåsbord special this week as Harvey interviews Little Dragon, when they met at Malmö Festival. Continuing on his journey, he chats to one of the organisers of Gastefestivalen in Lund, which takes place amongst a network of treehouses. Beefing up the Nordic melange, there's also music from Seabear, Heaven's On Fire and Regina.

Come one and all! Take some time to bathe in the Nordic audio-spring of Nordorama. The new series kicks off bumper-sized, as we hear from Harvey's road trip from London to Norway in 'Getting Punkt'. This week, he heads to Copenhagen to attend Strøm Festival, chatting to its chief, and a priest taking part in an experimental electro church service. We also hear a track from an artist who played a set on Copenhagen's subway, and music from Kakkmaddafakka, Nude On Sand and Kenton Slash Demon.

The last Nordorama in the current series as SOAS Radio heads into its summer break. While the gremlins rewire our equipment and spruce up the studio, why not put this show on loop for a few weeks until I return? You'll almost want to, with the sweet voices of Jens Lekman and Anna Järvinen, plus some much needed Finnish tango, and some folktronica from Denmark. And if you're a fan of Niki & The Dove, and perhaps even if you're not, you'll hopefully feel a deep affinity with their new single remix. Peace out, and happy summer!

Another hour of top quality ear-yoga, with a higher percentage of orchestral based music this week, be it klezmer-fused Finnish folk music, smooth jazz, or a particularly glorious piece of music from Efterklang. Also on the show some music from Benni Hemm Hemm, a Swedish collaboration with Scottish-born artist Momus and Finnish supergroup Herta Lussu Ässä.

You know what they say: you can't spell 'Nordorama' without 'Moon Radar' - so here's another week of swooshy noises, extra-terrestrial bleeps and top tips to help you navigate the furthest reaches of music discovery; a 'random oar' for the seasick ship. Along this tree shaded 'manor road' there's music from múm, Little Dragon and Supersci, plus some Orchestra-based jazz-metal and some music from the Hardingfele (traditional Norwegian fiddle). If I told you more, I'd ruin the suprise.

With tracks themed to compliment the start of British summertime, Fathers' Day and Euro 2012, Nordorama has never been so current. Bundled on top of this, you lucky sausage you, is a glitchy remix of Nils Petter Molvær, some Swedish Samba and tracks from Icelanders Mugison and FM Belfast.

An even-more-electric show this week, with special guests Simian Ghost, plus Nutid, Barry Andrewsin Disko and eletronic music pioneer Ralph Lundsten, alongside some jazz from Icelandic New Yorker Sunna Gunnlaugs. Bright colours for stormy weather, deep sounds for a shallow drizzle.

An extra special ever-so-slightly extended edition of Nordorama for you, presented from Incidentally Nordic #2, a night of iridescent music put on by Project fresh Socks and Joe Atari at The Queen of Hoxton. Featuring music and interviews from Casa Murilo, Bård Watn, Ulla Nova and the not-so-Nordic Beardyman. An opportunity to discover their music if you haven't heard it before, plus some of their top Nordic recommendations.

Eleanoora Rosenholm and newly emerging hip-hip duo Eagger Stunn put the 'ram' into Nordorama this week. Also featuring on the magical playlist is a jaunty harmonica quartet, the Nordic adventures of Miles Davis and some Finnish electropop dedicated to Gandhi.


A double helping this week, as Harvey Bruce chats to Linn Andrea Fuglseth from Trio Mediæval and jazz trumpeter Arve Henriksen before their joint performance in London; another great example of the myriad Norwegian collaboration projects. If this isn't enough for you, there's some hip hop from Sweden and Iceland, a track from Siri Nilsen's new album, and some music from The Sugarcubes.

Studded with delicious nuggets and surprises, and steamed to perfection, Nordorama is back for another lap around the highways and byways of the Nordics. This week's playlist features a collaboration between Ane Brun and José González, jazz poetry in ancient Latin and some Swedish rock as suggested by listeners. The icing on this week's audiocake comes in the form of a track recorded on instruments made of ice in a soundproof igloo.

Harvey Bruce chats to Norwegian songstress Hanne Hukkelberg about her fifth studio album 'Featherbrain' and the inspirational sounds you can find on your coffee table. As if that wasn't enough, we have a Finnish cover of a 50s Italian hit, and début singles from Mirel Wagner and Tilbury. Guaranteed to make life 6% easier.

Harvey's joined in the studio by guest DJ and Icelandophile, FURR. They share Icelandic music! They share stories about Iceland! You want to listen! It all works out quite well really. With music from some of the big hitters of the country, a track from FURR's upcoming EP, plus some rather Gothic folk and 60s rock.

Today's show features heady harmonies, footstomping Swede-Senegalese collaboration, and hand-tingling accordions (and now I listen back, I think TWO songs with musical saws). Music from Hanne Hukkelberg, Peter Bjorn And John and Efterklang. A sultry mix of sounds designed to lead you from the grit of the material world, into one of sub-Arctic calm. That's better.

An extra-special episode dedicated to Norweigan record label Rune Grammofon. After their joint debut UK gig, HB chats to Jenny Hval (a.k.a. rockettothesky) and the lead singer of Phaedre, Ingvild Langgård, about their latest work and what they consider essential Nordic listening. With music ranging from contemporary folk fiddle, to a song recorded on a dictaphone and a brain-busting avant garde interpretation of When The Saints Go Marching In, this is one hot potato of a label, and one ear-melting hour of music.

Harvey is joined in the studio by special guest presenter Tuuli Manninen, who has a new photography exhibition in Brixton. A selection of tracks from her childhood in Finland are accompanied by tracks from Danish reggae artist Natasja, and from the new posthumous album by the Esbjörn Svensson Trio.

In this first episode, Harvey Bruce eases you into a thermal spring of audio heaven, with a cross-section of tracks from across all the Nordic regions. Featuring hip hop from Sweden, Norwegian jazz, pioneering Danish electro and a track from Björk’s latest album, Biophilia, plus you’ll also be treated to some sounds from the more remote Nordic enclaves: the Faroe Islands and Greenland.


Keyrum Yfir Ísland – Sprengjuhöllin

Virus – Björk

Do – Looptroop Rockers (feat. Gnucci Banana)

Spinn Spinn – Kongero

Face It – Else Marie Pade