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ST GERMAIN, Pink Panther Theme
NINA HAGEN, African Reggae
WINDEL HAYE, Haunted House
BUSY SIGNAL, Text Message
J STAR, Wooha Tempo
HORSEMAN, Computer
CACHIMBO E GERALDO MOUZINHO, A Reposta De Sao Jose Dos Cacetes (Kosta Kosta Flute Refix)
BITUAYA, La Calesa
MAD MAX, Chop Chop Zouk
BONGA, Mona Ki Ngi Xica

Will talks to musician and ethnomusicologist, Alsarah, about her involvement in 'Beats of the Antonov': Hajooj Kuka's remarkable documentary that looks at the lives, musics and recent conflicts of the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains of Sudan.

Just like ramen, music breathes life into any anime. Ok, so maybe that analogy isn’t exactly right, but you get my point. Whether it’s bubblegum pop, grunge rock, instrumental, jazz, R&B, basic pop or rock, we all LOVE our anime music in all their diverse and dynamic glory and the amazing artistes who create them. This is why we felt it was high time to share a few of our favourites with the class! It’s time to discover your musical flavour so join Anthea, Eran, Jeanne, Kash and Rice as they share and squabble over their top 5 anime Openings and Endings! They are perfect for any weather and who knows, you might discover a few new tracks to add to your collection from our list of 29!

World Radio Day London
13th February 2015 at SOAS, University of London
Please sign up to attend

World Radio Day London is a Seminar and Trade Fair showcasing the latest research and innovations in the field of Radio and Development Communication, held in the heart of the University of London.

Be transported to the streets of Montevideo with this live recording of Guillermo Rozenthuler's Candombé band.

Noga Ritter, DavidX and Rachel Hayter, members of Vocal Global, sat down with Alex and Nazli for International Women's Day to discuss their influences, mothers, and what it means to be a woman in the music industry.

In 2007 musicians Paul Nabor, Florencio Mess and Wilfred Peters shot to international fame when a documentary film named them the Three Kings of Belize. Fast forward 7 years and World Music consumers have moved on. Producer and presenter Louise Morris revisited Nabor and Mess in the wake of Peters’ death.

Brilliant year for music-making at SOAS. Ceilidh Band went to Paris in February, did a ceilidh halfway up the Eiffel Tower. Then to Istanbul for St Patrick’s Night, playing in the James Joyce Bar. From there we went down to Iraqi Kurdistan to do a Nowruz gig in the hills behind Duhok – and some of the team carried on to Armenia and Georgia. August we did a ceilidh tour to Dartmoor in Devon. The Rebetiko Band toured to Paris and to the Greek island of Hydra for the Rebetiko Gathering. Not to mention our amazing Rebetiko jam sessions every Monday night in the SOAS JCR.

The Post-Pesach episode of the Jewish Music Insitute Radio show features an exclusive interview with Yasmin Levy. We also interview Drew Salida of Los Desterrados and get a sneak preview of their stunning new album, "Dos Amantes". Plus we have singer and vocal teacher Rachel Weston in the studio to talk more about the JMI's vocal course Der Nayer Klang.

The next edition of the SOAS Spirit is out next Wednesday, 6th February. In features, we have the director Marta Schmidt and music director of the Amrit Lohia from the 'Tales of 1947' play taking place this weekend (2nd and 3rd march) at Russell Square. It includes music for the play, played by Amrit. plus, a round-up of highlights from the features section by features correspondent Charlotte England.

For World Radio Day 2013, Charlotte England gets behind the scenes of SOAS' very own community radio station, SOAS Radio. Charlotte speaks to former SOAS student Laura Morris who now works as editor for the Rising Voices website; producer and presenter Drew Salida, who is working on a Radio Drama project in Ghana and SOAS Radio Director, Carlos Chirinos, who explains what they do here and the benefits of becoming involved with SOAS Radio.

The very first podcast to tie in with the online music magazine Musika ( Saxophonist Brian Graham joins us via Skype from across the pond to talk about the big band The Fogcutters. We’ll be talking about some of the music and cultural events happening in town for the Olympics and sharing some of our favourite new tracks.

In this show we introduce our listeners to Arrocha, the new album by singer and drummer Curumin and we also have the test drive of the first song released by Brazilian rap icons Racionais MCs, whose last studio recording was back in 2002, so the new material has been eagerly awaited by the fans of this strongly politically orientated group.

Recently, the renowned Syrian composer and pianist Malek Jandali played a concert in London which was organised by British Solidarity for Syria. In our interview Mr Jandali talked to us about the role of art and music in revolutions, the price of freedom and how he attempts to tell people through his music about the reality on the ground in the ongoing revolution of the Syrian people for human rights, dignity and peace.

1) Malek Jandali - Freedom Qashoush Symphony
2) Malek Jandali - Watani Ana

Interview: Samuel Perriman / Production: Stefanie Groth

Restless City is a film by Andrew Dosunmu, a Nigerian director based in New York, which was screened in the 55th BFI London Film Festival last October, 2011. In this podcast, Estrella Sendra reviews a variety of aspects of this story about a young Senegalese man called Djibril who emigrates to New York, seeking to become a musician.

Nueva America sounds: Cal Jader focuses on some new releases of interesting Latin fusions coming out of the US and in particular New York.

Cal Jader welcomes Wara into the studio to talk about their new EP release. Band members Eliane Correa (Keys / Vocals), Juanita Euka (Vocals), Taurean Antoine-Chagas (Sax), and special guest from Cuba Frank Portuondo (Guitar) discuss the history of the band and its influences alongside playing tracks from their EP, some inspirations and a couple of live acoustic tunes.

Almir Koldzic, Head of Partnership for Arts and Refugees, which is the new name for Refugee Week UK talks about Celebrating Sanctuary London, the annual free festival that launches Refugee Week (20-26 June 2011), in the South Bank. 19 June 2011, 2 - 7pm.
Length: 1:54,230

SOAS researcher Malin Petzell introduces Kagulu, a language in Tanzania that is being squeezed by the state-promotion of Swahili. Hear the musicality and the music, along with a taste of Malin's fieldwork in Tanzania.

In another show from our FM Broadcast in 2005, Dr. David Hughes of the SOAS Music Department discusses traditional Japanese music through the ages.

This weeks mix features Moroccan Reggae, Chadian singer Mounira Mitchala, and Malian star Rokia Traore. This show also includes a special pre-recorded interview with Souléymane Sy Savané, lead actor in the film 'Goodbye Solo.

In this episode, recorded in 2008, Rita plays us some of the latest and greatest hits from the African global music scene.