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The Lost Property Office

Welcome to the SOAS Lost Property Office, where the mysterious, bizarre and just plain lost items end up. Guiding his guests through the miscellanea of misplaced is Peter Baran, who shares an office with the lost items. Each week he guides a guest or two through their history of lost items, and they select items from the pile to talk about, make fun of whilst listening to equally lost music.

All good things come to an end, as do admittedly most bad things. Wherever you pitch out weekly trip to the Lost Property Office on the quality spectrum, its sad to say that this is the last episode of the season. But what an episode! Tales of air/land/sea rescue, family feuds and family secrets, Promethean tales of making fire, philosophical discussions on bits of broken pot. Its all here, with a guest who did some prep (take note – it shows!) Dani Neal. Also birthday card etiquette, the return of an old item – what kind of a person lost this – and a Korean iPod stuffed with surprises.

Welcome back to the Lost Property Office, where no mention at all is made of a certain track on a new Saint Etienne album, but we do honour the warming crackle of real vinyl on the air. Instead Rob Brennan is my guest who was the first man in space on his street, and had the proof too. We also consider the difficulties of navigating London when you are new, the occasionally pornographic covers of National Geographic Magazine, the biggest disappointment of our shared childhoods and the appeal of cricket is patiently explained to a disbeliever.

After last weeks unfortunate unplanned hiatus, we are back, back, back with a thoughtful contemplative episode which stretches the format to the edges of acceptability. Along the way we discuss the stupid naming of stations on the Chicago subway, if “finding £20 in the street” is a satisfactory story for even the most banal of radio shows, how to make a flump, the joys of soft furnishings and Bath Moles is yet again name checked.

This weeks Lost Property Office is the darkest yet, as sinister doings in Shoreditch are uncovered. Infact all doings in Shoreditch have the opportunity of being sinister, but we discover the potential infamy of this weeks guest, Cecily Nowell-Smith (aka Cis of this parish). Along the way people are lost, the science of cosmetics is discussed, fossils remain lost in the hinterland of North London and we go Car Booting. If its good enough for Flog It!!! its good enough for us.

This week in the Lost Property Office I have an actual real life guest, so no talking to myself luckily. And even more luckily the guest is the inestimable Mark Sinker, writer about music, film and crisps as he has billed himself elsewhere (the excellent Silent London Podcast). We chew the fat on a number of items, whilst marvelling at the Pathos Of Spring, a CD which doesn’t quite live up to its billing. Mark is rather gready with his land grab from the office, but finds some fascinating objects (including what may be called CONTRABAND).

There is a rule wherein every newspaper columnist is allowed one “Get Out Of Jail Free” card, where they can write a column about the process of writing a column. It is fantastically self serving, self indulgent, and an easy well to go to if inspiration dries up. Well in the case of podcasts there is a analogous situation, which I explore in this weeks podcast which truly shows the danger of letting me loose on a microphone without a safety net.

This weeks Lost Property Office takes on a decidedly theatrical flavour as I invite Kerry Lambeth to do battle with the assorted umbrellas and notebooks. And in the course of our discussion we consider a Bright Beach Memoir (Sussex not Long Island), how many copies of the Complete Works Of Shakespeare one needs, the perfect size for a woman to be to get her dream job, and the value of comedy. Music comes from the big folder of lost CD’s again, and this week even comes with a CD insert, so the connection between Kerry picking music from Kerry (and Donegal) can be made most explicit.

The most significant thing lost in this weeks Lost Property Office could well be my voice! Luckily I have an excellent guest in the form of Rock Star, Playwright, Validator and Edinburgh Smash MJ Hibbett, who does allow this episode to drift slowly into Grumpy Old Men territory when we discuss “Whatever happened to Bath Moles?” Also on the agenda, comics, the Boo Radleys “Lazarus”, The Famous Five and the lack of statuary in the Fens. And a piece of apposite music by the star himself, accompanied by a CD that exists to cheer someone up. You can decide if it does!

And we are back in the Lost Property Office, this week with the fearless Kat Stevens who is the first of our guests to shun the sometimes predictable CD route to music, and instead pick a USB stick. And what a USB stick it is too, look at the photo for crimes against promotional USB’s! In today’s episode we talk long and hard about Prague, Private Eye, The Lost City Of Atlantis and how cool it must have been. Kat reveals her superpower, thus destroying her secret identity once and for all.

Week three of the new FreakyTrigger podcast (in association with SOAS Radio), the Lost Property Office. This week my guest is Pamela Hutchinson of Silent London ,London’s premiere Silent Film website. Pam dived into the pile of lost property and dragged up an object, a book and a CD which whose scrawled cover lied to us significantly. In this weeks show we consider the plot to Home Alone 3: Lost In Birkenhead, Stuart Murdoch: International Jewel Thief, Maureen Lipman’s Travel Tips and are surprised by just how easy Gaelic is as a language.

Welcome to week two of the new FreakyTrigger podcast (in association with SOAS Radio), the Lost Property Office. This week my guest is Sarah Clarke who did not get her hands too dirty in her rummage through the office, alighting on three items and a CD which belied its origin considerably.

In the first episode Magnus Anderson and Hazel Robinson do some detective work with makeup, discuss a young adult book that leans heavily of Robert Louis Stevenson and think about the politics of space. All whilst considering if they are losers.