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Listen Local

Listen Local is a radio show that is anything but conventional. Part documentary and part music show, Listen Local aims to seek out London's lesser known musicians who have a passionate commitment to music-making. Featuring a wide range of musicians from buskers to beat-boxers, choristers to kora players, Listen Local aims share their inspiration and find out what experiences have shaped their musical life. All this, whilst letting the audience know what's happening musically right on their doorstep.

Producers, presenters, editors and anything else... Izzy Bedford, Seth Richardson and Violeta Ruano

In this episode, Listen Local welcome Jasmina Stosic and Anna-Helena McLean from the folksy duo "From the Well" to the studio. Jasmina and Anna tell Violeta Ruano how they were brought together by their love for Slavic music, how their backgrounds and life experiences have influenced the music they make together, and how they go about transforming traditional Serbian songs to create their own highly personal, contemporary arrangements. Tune in, sit back and allow yourself to be transported by their beautifully crafted harmonies..

In this new episode of Listen Local, Seth Richardson is joined by the lovely ladies from the Latvian folk group Austrumkalns. They discuss the history of folk music and its importance in Latvian everyday life. Bringing a wide array of instruments, both familiar and homemade, Austrumkalns perform several beautiful songs - listen out for some smashing percussion in the final piece!

“Latvians don’t like to fight, they like to sing”

In this new episode of Listen Local, presenter Isabel Bedford talks to double bassist Brendan Rowley about his experience of being a busker in London. Tune in to listen to some funny anecdotes and interesting opinions about busking, along with fantastic, funky music.

Welcome to another episode of Listen Local. This time we are joined in the studio by the poet musician Roya Arab, who introduces us to the world of Iranian music whilst recounting her personal musical journey. Roya discusses her musical influences and the events which have inspired her to write beautiful, evocative songs with Seth Richardson, the presenter of this episode.

In this episode, Listen Local explores the world of klezmer with the SOAS Klezmer Ensemble. Violeta Ruano presents this show and is joined by five members of the ensemble, who together discuss topics including the history of the genre, performance techniques and the current klezmer scene in London. Sit back and enjoy... Shalom!

In this episode, Listen Local introduces you to a great cultural fusion of Turkish Cypriot folk music and jazz. Featuring two members from the amazing Ensemble Pelato: Cem Muharrem on violin and Lachlan Radford on double bass, Seth Richardson explores some of the history, influences and expectations of a young group of musicians who have played together in diverse locations, ranging from Anghiari in Italy to the Waterloo line in London, allowing you to discover the beautiful music they perform. Enjoy!