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Episode 11 showcases the electronic experiments of Anchorsong, a talented musician especially famous for his unique live shows. He is currently touring the UK and he'll be back in the summer for some shows at festivals around Europe.

An episode about Japanese composer and musician Soichi Terada, in celebration of his European Tour April 2016.

1. Do It Again
2. Sunshower (with Nami Shimada)
3. Got To Be Real (with Shinichiro Yokota)
4. Wabi Sabi Wall
5. Yokozuna Beach Chillin
6. I Wanna Be With You

A tribute episode to Susumu Yokota, a prolific musician, whose work spans from ambient to house, and who died prematurely on 27th March 2015.

1. Akafuji
2. Circular
4. Genshi
5. Feel My Love
6. Tears of a Poet
7. Symbol of Life, Love and Aesthetics
8. The Loneliness of Anarchic Beauty Achieved By My Ego
9. Bonda
10. Your Twinkling Eyes

An 'almost-one-hour-long' episode showcasing different kinds of electronic and ambient tunes made by Japanese female artists. GIRL POWER!

1. Cokiyu - Your Thorn
2. Tsuyuko Aki - Fantasia
3. Kaoru Inoue - Aurora
4. Midori Takada - Crossing
5. Sachiko M - 2808200
6. Miharu Koshi - L'Acqua Sonora
7. Ichiko Hashimoto - Milestone
8. Akiko Kiyama - Ant

A selection of melancholic, chill out, relaxing ambient songs by different artists.

1. Ayur - I Miss You
2. Ametsub - Solitude
3. Nujabes - Reflection Eternal
4. Tomoya Naka - Rainy Song
5. Tomoki Takeuchi - Plein Soleil
6. Re:Plus - Nighttime

A great re-issue of 2015, this episode showcases the album Utakata no Hibi by Mariah, originally released in 1983.

1. Soko Kara
2. Shisen
3. Hana ga Saitara
4. Sora ni Mau Maboroshi
5. Shinzo no Tobira

Daisuke Tanabe's European Tour kicked off last week and I had the pleasure to interview him and Sam Tucker of Yuppies Music while they were in London. Listen to our chat and enjoy Daisuke's selection of his own music!

Check tour dates here:

Since Daisuke Tanabe is playing on Thursday 11th February 2016 in London here is a selection of his tunes.

1. Daisuke Tanabe - Coil
2. Daisuke Tanabe - Backpedal
3. Daisuke Tanabe - Walking Muu
4. Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe - Cherry Chimes
5. Yosi Horikawa & Daisuke Tanabe - CALINAWAN
6. Selah Sue - Fear Nothing (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)

This episode is all about one album only, a classic released in the 80s: Ryuichi Sakamoto's Lefthanded Dream / Hidariude no Yume.

1. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Boku no Kakera
2. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Robin Scott - The Left Bank
3. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Venezia
4. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Kacha Kucha Nee
5. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Robin Scott - Just About Enough

How can you define a genre? In this episode we will move from "proper" ambient and electronic tunes to acid jazz and glitch pop ones.

1. Nujabes - A Day By Atmosphere Supreme
2. Aoki Takamasa & Tujiko Noriko - Vinyl Words
3. Aoki Takamasa & Tujiko Noriko - Nolicom
4. Midori Hirano - Feathers
5. Nobukazu Takemura - Mattino Davanti Alla Torre Dell'Orologio
6. Yosi Horikawa - Splash

This first episode is a selection of some favourites of mine, including one cover and one classic, to give you an idea of what the Japanese ambient and electronic scene is like.

1. Susumu Yokota - Kodomotachi by Susumu Yokota
2. Haruomi Hosono - Funiculi Funicula
3. Lullatone - All the optimism of early January
4. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
5. Shinichi Osawa - Thank you for your love
6. Shugo Tokumaru - Gamma

Nowadays otaku culture is far from being the niche phenomenon it used to be. Dedicated conventions keep on popping up all over the world, therefore SOAS-SOAS’s crew has gathered one of the most diverse, multicultural and numerous roundtable so far to debate how otaku are perceived in various countries and to discuss how ComiCons are consequently enjoyed and organised. Cosplay comes back once again under our professors’ lens as the quintessence of conventions, this time with in depth details about how cosplay competitions work. Plus, your professor Anthea had the honour to meet (more than once!) one of Japan’s most prolific and talented video game producers: Hideo Baba!

This edition of CWCLDN welcomes the lovely Japanese-American jazz singer-songwriter Emi Meyer who visited London en route to Paris. Being an active musician in the States and Japan, discover what truly becomes the challenge across shores from the question of identity to idealism.

World-class jazz pianist Makoto Kuriya headlines in the inaugural Tokyo Jazz Fest London presented by Bolygo Music.
Listen to another CWCLDN exclusive as the host Rice invites him to SOAS Radio and speak about the meaning of "Japanese jazz" and where the music business is heading to.

This edition of CWCLDN exceptionally welcomes the independent Japanese anime and film creative Keiichi Hara to the studio, who visited London earlier this year for Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2014.

When it comes to alcohol, Japan is most often associated with sake. But did you know "all-you-can-drink-booze" is a thing in Japan? Have you ever heard of one-cup sake or wine? (Disclaimer: has nothing to do with the internet meme) Have you ever wanted to know what you order on a night out in Tokyo? Join Flory, Chiharu and Alicia as they reminisce about drunken days as students in the fair land of Japan. Drinks not included with podcast.

Christmas is just around the corner and it's the only time of the year you'll ever drink hot wine! Superfry is back with a Christmas and New Year's special, and you can listen to host Flory and guests Ellen Mitchell and Hisaya Nakazato making merry with lots of lively banter and cheeky lines.

The past year here has seen a ramen boom, with several ramen outlets popping up in various locations in Central London – Shoryu, Ittenbari, Tonkotsu and Bone Daddies, to name the most famous. In particular, tonkotsu ramen has captured the hearts of food-lovers in London. But is it authentic?

On the 11th of October 2012 Jennifer Lind, Associate Professor in the Department of Government at Dartmouth College, talked about war memory and reconciliation in East Asia, based on her book "Sorry States: Apologies in International Politics" (Cornell University Press, 2008).

This month Ghetto Lounge presents various selection of Latin, Afro, Brazilian, soul and Hip Hop.

A rare chance to hear Kameyama Kono, one of Japan’s foremost Yamada-ryu koto masters performing a range of traditional and modern pieces for koto, shamisen and shakuhachi. Having studied under the legendary koto teacher and composer, Nakanoshima Kin-ichi, she embarked on a solo career bringing new lights to the roots of the classical repertoire while also exploring contemporary koto music through an acclaimed series of concerts, CD recordings and performances on TV and radio. In this recital she is accompanied by the rising shamisen star Kaori Naka, and Michael Soumei Coxall on shakuhachi.

This week we're in Japan, where the Olympus Corporation has been under pressure since mid-October. The CEO of the company was sacked after bringing to light certain suspicious acquisitions payments. Sonja Ruehl from the Department of Financial and Management Studies takes an in-depth look at the story and its implications for corporate Japan.

Tokyo Soundscape presents a Zipangu Fest special (, featuring an interview with Neil Cantwell and Tim Grabham, directors of KanZeOn, and special guest beatboxing priest ta2mi. Plus music from Lillies and Remains, Lo-Fi, and Suneohair.


Lillies and Remains - Moralist SS
Lo-Fi - When I Wake Up
KanZeOn Reindications
Kirihito and Sakamoto Hiromichi - Ohayo Death - Goodbye The Earth
Momoiro Clover - Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo
Suneohair - Hallelujah

The Nonesuch Explorer: Music from Distant Corners of the World

This episode features sides one and two of the 2-record album ‘The Nonesuch Explorer: Music from Distant Corners of the World’, a collection of recordings from Indonesia, Japan and India, reminding us of the musical diversity within Asia. Presented by Louise Ungless



This episode, with my co-host Chris Wood, we look at media depictions - inside and outside Japan – of the Tohoku earthquake and its aftermath. What do they tell us about the media themselves, the culture that creates them, and the culture they create?

In the first episode, Nayela Wickramasuriya presents a roundup of some of the key stories from 2010. We find out what, 6 months on, people think about the legacy of South African World Cup, discover a musical based on the life and work of Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, look at China’s economic growth in 2010, look forward to the UK release of the Japanese film Norwegian Wood, and examine the impact of Wikileaks and social media in Turkey and Tunisia.

Blogger of all things Japanese Culture and CEO Danny Choo talks to SOAS's Sebilio about what motivated him to study a degree in Japanese and Korean at SOAS, his experience at SOAS, and what he's been up to since graduating and what the future may hold, as well as giving advice to current students wishing to find a career in Japan.

To find out more about Danny Choo and to read his blog, see his website at