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Awesome radio presenters Goldierocks (British Council), DJ Ritu (SOAS Radio/Resonance FM), Martha Caidan (BBC 1Xtra, Radar Radio) and Ros Fraser (Grassroots Radio Network) came together to talk about working for internet radio, specialist music programmes, women's voices on radio and much more! Listen back to our special evening on The Future, Women & Internet Radio.

Featuring a special interview with Throwing Shade.

Songwriter and artist Itani Thalefi came to SOAS Radio during his UK tour with The Brother Moves On in December 2015. Our conversation covered ground from nature and arts to storytelling and #feesmustfall, interspersed with some poetry and live renditions of Itani's beautiful songs in Venda and Tsonga under the alias of Itai Hakim. Itani talked about his plans for 2016, including the release of his upcoming EP 'Ntodeni' and other future artistic projects.

Many thanks to Itani for taking the time to come to SOAS Radio!

Interview with Ali Mahdi Nouri about his work as an actor & theatre director working with ex-child soldiers and refugees in Sudan.

The new SOAS Director Valerie Amos came to SOAS Radio for her first interview 3 months into her new job - we talked about her background and issues that are happening at SOAS at the moment.

Founded in August 2015, Startupboat is an initiative that develops tech and innovative solutions to respond to the migration crisis. Paula Schwartz, the founder of the initiative came to SOAS Radio to talk about her team's work at the frontlines of the refugee crisis in Greece, why start ups can be more efficient than NGOs and some of the projects that have come out of startupboat, such as Marha Cars and Donatio.

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How can activists use the arts to engage youth in the fight against corruption? Alice McCool interviews Lucky Ronald Menoe (Corruption Watch, South Africa) and Robtel Neajai Pailey (SOAS PhD researcher and children's book author, Liberia) to find out.

On Tuesday 25th November 2014, SOAS Radio's Daniel Avis caught up with the long-standing MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, Diane Abbott to discuss immigration, Theresa May and her own ambitions to become the next Mayor of London.

From legends of Studio One in Jamaica to ambassadors of musical freedom from Tehran, this years World of Music and Dance was as eclectic and vibrant as ever. SOAS Radio took a brief tour around WOMAD, and was fortunate enough to hear a rich tapestry of stories and tales from the festival goers and many of the performers. For more information on any of the artists interviewed or played on the podcast please see the track listing below...

Kyekyeku tells us how he grew up with music, the roots of the Palm Wine genre and his path into the music industry. Mary asks Kyekyeku about his involvement in community projects in Jamestown, Accra and Daniel chats further about the musical hotspots of Ghana and the music scene today.

Rita Ray interviews the Father of Dub poetry Linton Kwesi Johnson.

Recently, the renowned Syrian composer and pianist Malek Jandali played a concert in London which was organised by British Solidarity for Syria. In our interview Mr Jandali talked to us about the role of art and music in revolutions, the price of freedom and how he attempts to tell people through his music about the reality on the ground in the ongoing revolution of the Syrian people for human rights, dignity and peace.

1) Malek Jandali - Freedom Qashoush Symphony
2) Malek Jandali - Watani Ana

Interview: Samuel Perriman / Production: Stefanie Groth

Suzanne Husseini is well known for her contributions to BBC Good Food and was host of one of the most popular Arabic cooking shows in the Middle East. Her book 'Modern Flavours of Arabia' is a collection of traditional Arab dishes with a modern take and has just been published. In our interview she introduces us into the peculiarities, history and traditions of the Arab food culture, tells us why cooking is not about the fancy-shmancy utensils, explains why Tabouleh waits for no one and shares how to make most out of the leftovers in your fridge.

Tamara is from Palestine, Jerusalem and studies material engineering at Al Quds University. When she and some student colleagues of her came to visit SOAS with the Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association (CAFDA) she told us about her daily life back home and how she experienced London in comparison.

Interviews: Cas Germain

This short documentary emerged from interviews made with a group of Palestinian students that visited London in November 2011. At a talk at SOAS they shared their experiences of pursuing higher education under occupation. Due to a daily routine that includes passing a network of checkpoints, they face several obstacles from attending their studies.Nonetheless they are very adamant to maintain education which they see as key for a better future.

Script/Interviews/Presenter: Stefanie Groth


1)      Watcha Clan – Les Hommes Libres

Do you want to go tho Germany this summer? Dr Alena Rettova, world reknowned thinker and Swahili lecturer speaks, about how she became 'Swahiliised' and how you can get to Germany for the Swahili Colloquium.

DJ Madera Verde interviews internationally acclaimed Malian musicians Amadou & Mariam for his "Stop Making Sense" podcast on SOAS Radio. They discuss their new album, Folila, which is coming out on April 2nd 2012, their love of Malian tea, and the changes to the Malian music scene which have been taking place over the last few years. 

(Presenter: DJ Madera Verde, Producer: Charlotte Morgan)

For version of this interview in French, please click the French flag below.

Welcome to LifeLines, SOAS Radio's new show on the interesting lives and experiences of our very own SOAS students. In this exciting programme, you will discover the fascinating triggers which encouraged students to come to SOAS, and learn about their plans for the future after their degree.

In today's episode, Stefanie Heerwig brings you an interview with Liz, who worked as a salesperson in countries all over the world, such as Nigeria and Yemen, before deciding to come to SOAS and study Politics as a mature student. Here is Liz's story...

SOAS Radio’s Carlos Chirinos met up with veteran jazz musician George Duke during his European tour in London to chat about the weird and wonderful things his career has held for him so far, such as the making of his influential album ‘Brazilian Love Affair’; working with the likes of Frank Zappa and Michael Jackson; and playing the role of Musical Director for Nelson Mandela’s birthday gig at Wembley stadium in 1988.

On the 14th December 2011, Professor Nora Cruz Quebral was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the LSE for ‘pioneering and continued contribution to the field of development communication.’ In her acceptance speech, she outlines the history of the ‘Development Communication, Los Baños Style.’ This is followed by a Q&A session including Nick Perkins, Head of Research at the Institute of Development Studies, James Deane, Head of Policy at the BBC World Service Trust, Dr. Linje Manyozo from the LSE and the laureate. Organised by the Communication for Development (C4D) Network.

In our second episode about the occupation of the London Stock Exchange, Stefanie Heerwig interviewed Jan Toporowski, head of the SOAS Economics Department and author of "Why the World Economy Needs a Financial Crash and Other Critical Essays on Finance and Financial Economics", about how to improve the current economic and financial system.

On 15th October 2011 the occupation of the London Stock Exchange started with a big protest in front of St. Pauls Cathedral. Stefanie Heerwig interviewed people in the crowd, political activists and democratic movements about their reasons for joining the protests. She also asked them about what should be changed and how that change of the current economic and political system should look like.

Photo by Luke Cody

It's been 20 years since Miles Davis' death and we at SOAS Radio have put together a small tribute to the jazz musician with this interview with Marcus Miller, Davis' producer and friend of over 10 years. Charlotte Morgan met with the bass player after a fantastic DMS (George Duke, Marcus Miller and David Sanborn) gig at the San Jose Jazz Festival in August 2011, to talk about Miller's career to date and his relationship with Miles over the years.

The following provides excerpts from a recent interview with Bill Siemering, founder and president of Developing Radio Partners, an NGO that supports community radio stations throughout the developing world. Listen to this podcast to hear his insights on the exciting field of media for development, and the importance of public radio both in the developing world and in his native United States. in association with the SOAS' Stop AIDS Society present an exclusive interview with Malian superstars Amadou and Mariam. In this podcast, Amadou and Mariam talk about youth in Africa and the fight to stop AIDS in the continent. They also talk about their recent collaboration with the Magic Numbers for a song they produced for the blockbuster film Twilight: New Moon. This interview was produced by Mathilda Ryall on behalf of the Stop AIDS Society, recorded in studios in Paris by Marc Antoine Moreau -manager of A&M- and presented by Armando Conte.

In an interview conducted in October 2007, OpenAir's Carlos Chirinos interviews internationally renowned anthropologist Professor Sidney Mintz.

In the first of a series interviewing the people behind the positions in SOAS, OpenAir's Sebilio interviews Professor Paul Webley, Director and Principal of SOAS.

The Rt. Hon. Michael Ancram QC MP talks to OpenAir's Joel Flynn before giving the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy's Annual Lecture on "Negotiating with Terrorists".