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Gugak Sounds

Series 2 Introduction
Welcome back to series 2 where I hope to be presenting a new and improved show. In this series I will focus on the folk music of Korean and the various genres. This year I hope to gain more participation with the viewers in which I will be having guests every now and again. Also in this series I will be reviewing albums of current and new gugak artists and what makes their album so special. Please stay tuned as this series will now be live.
Airing on SUNDAYS: 12pm-1-30pm

Series 1
안녕하세요, my name is Dami, and I'm a SOAS music student specialising in Korean music.
The programme I'm presenting is part of a series that will encourage and inform people who don't know Korean traditional music and are interested in finding out more about this rarely heard music.
Join me on this journey as I will be going over various genres, instruments and the history of Korean traditional music, explaining them in detail with the hope of expanding both your knowledge as well as taste.

In the future I hope to talk in more detail about young up and coming artist in the world of Gugak 국악 with the hope that you will be able to see the development over the years and why this genre of music is so special and has lasted the test of times.

Join me in this final episode of Series 2, where I touch a bit on the religious music of Korea (Buddhism and Shamanism)

In this episode I will be diving into the future or rather would I say songs that have been influenced by Minyo. In the first half of the show I will be covering music from 3 different genres: Hip-hop, Rap, and Jazz. In the second part I will be discussing music from on of the most popular Minyo singers Song So Hee. I will be going through her new album and playing some music from her live performances.

Track list

Niliria – G-dragon

Arario – Top dogg

Jonseong Arirang – Na Yoon Seon

Kunbam funky taryeong –Song So Hee

Niliriya - Song So Hee

Episode 21 Minyo Part 1
This episode explores Minyo music in more detail. I will be talking about regions and what makes their singing unique to the region. I will be going further by also talking about the genre Jagpa and how it relates to Minyo and well as it regional aspects.

This episode is an introductory episode into the world of Minyo. In this episode, I will talk about the start of Minyo how it became and it significance to the Korea people. I will also be touching once again on the top of Han and how this is related to Minyo singing.

All music from this episode was from same Minyo album by Kim HyeRan

This episode is an album review of one of Korea’s upcoming Gugak group SE:UM. In this episode I will be exploring their album; Korean breath and the entire tracks in the album. Join me as I explore and take you through this wonderful album packed with great music!!!

All music used in this program belong to SE:UM. For more information on the group visit their website on:

Episode 18
Interview with Keith Howard
This interview is with Professor Keith Howard, SOAS Professor and Ethnomusicologist. In this interview we talk about his interest in Korea, the music, his travels and how he came in contact Korean traditional music and the group SamulNori. He also takes us a step further about the genre samulnori, its current trends and future.

Music is played from the album

From earth to sky - Kim Duk Soo and Wolfgang Pushnig

In this episode I will be celebrating a genre which is very close to my heart: SAMULNORI.
Join me as a go through a brief history of how this genre developed, its original members and how it has now taken its place as an established genre in Korean traditional music.
Track list
1. Daybreak – Lee Eun Seok

2. Celebration – SamulNori (Nanjang)

3. Pan Kut –SamulNori

This episode is a review of Dulsori’s new album called 해설. This program is a review of Dulsori’s album making it a special one and almost 8 years since they last released an album. Join me in enjoying the great new sound of Dulsori as we also reminisce by playing some tracks from their past album. This is coinciding with our current shows on Pungmul the old and moving on to the new which is Samulnori.
So please enjoy the new sounds of Dulsori!!!!

Join me in the final part of the Pungmul series as I talk about region and what makes their style of Pungmul very special. In this final series I will be going through music, regions as well as ways to easily identify them.


Carrying on with our Pungmul journey, Join me as I explore this episode the instruments as well as the hats and other accessories worn by various groups. I will be looking into more detail into the instruments played as well as roles of the musicians in a full Pungmul performance.

1.DaybreakbyTrack 1. Lee EunSeok

2.성주굿을 위한 국악 관현악byTrack 2. Jo Gap Young


4.Thunder StormbyTrack 3. Noreum Machi

5.Passing rainbyTrack 4. Noreum Machi

Join me in this episode as I give a brief overview of Pungmul. In this episode, I will be exploring

Pungmul as a genre, talking about what makes it special and interesting.

All tracks used downloaded from YouTube. I have attached the link for the videos so you can also

watch them.

1. 설날 농악 공연 New Year Nongak-

2. Farming Festival Nongak-

Episode 12 SE2
In this episode I will be exploring Dulsori’s first album titled – Well-wishing Binari. In this episode I will be going through tracks and analysing them as well as giving my thoughts as to what makes them very special. Join me as we go through this rare but entertaining album.

This is a Christmas special episode. This episode had nearly 4 hour of music playlist where I play music from the winners of the 21c Korean Music Project. Enjoy this as I mainly play music without much talking. As we play music to music to warm the soul (Seoul) this Christmas. So sit down and enjoy great music with me on this episode.
1st album
Kim Duk Soo (Nanjang) – New Horizon

In this episode I finally reveal the answers to the questions asked to the gugak group Bulsechul. In this episode not only do I explore the new album,but also questions asked about some of the tracks and Bulsechul's unique style of music. Enjoy this very special episode. If you would like to support the group please purchase their album but clicking the link below.

VOTE HERE to bring Bulsechul to London!

All music played in this show is from the new album titled: Bulsechul

Join me in this short episode as I go through the development of pansori, playing through modern music and touching on the topic Changguk

Track list
Pansori meets Flamenco
Ali - Sarang ga
Koart - Sugungga
Changguk Nam Sang Il, So Jun Geum, Kim Hak Yong - ShimCheongga
Pansori Project Za - Sacheon Ga
Ninano Nanda - Han
Ensemble Sinawi and Ali Nun Myeon Sarang
Ensemble Sinawi only Nun Myeon Sarang

This is a special episode as alas we are in the studio with Pansori expert Anna Yates who goes through one of the most popular Pasori story Chunhyangga (춘향가) as she gives a detailed explanation of the story. Join us ( Anna, Scharlie and I) in the fun filled episode full of laguhter as we go through this amazing experience.

Track list

This is an introductory episode on Panosri. Join me as I carry you through the world of Pansori and explaining how it works in the easiest way possible. I will also be giving a brief introduction of the 5 main Pansori pieces being performed today and playing you some extracts from each one.

Track List

Track 1 두번째 달 & 이봉군 사랑가


Track 2 나리랑 - 새다령

Episode 6 Series 2
This episode features one the albums of the ethnic pop band “Project Rock”. In this episode joined by Scharlie I will be taking you through their album called “Beautiful days”.

Track list
1. Beautiful days
2. Milyang Arirang
3. Happy Bona
4. Kidarinun Maum
5. La Flanneo
6. Param I mot munun Kot
7. 사랑가-Sarangga
8. 난감하네 Nangamhanae – Oops
9. 난감하네 Nangamhanae Remix

Episode 5 Sanjo Part 3
In this episode I will be looking at modern music influenced by Sanjo. I will also be branching in to some classical music comparing it to Sanjo. Join me and my new guest and friend Scharlie as we explore the modern type of music and give our opinions on each track.

Episode 4 Series 2 SANJO 2
This is the 2nd part of the SANJO series which focuses on the process through which a full SANJO goes through. In this episode I will be exploring the process through which a Sanjo piece is played and why it is so unique to it. I will be focusing mainly on the rhythms incorporated in this genre particularly the use of JAGDAN (Rhythmic process on the hour glass drum – The Janggu).

Track listing
1. 산조 합주 Sanjo Hapju

Series 2 Episode 3 Sanjo

This show is based on a very old traditional genre SANJO. Join me as I explore the history of SANJO, the changes it went through and what seems to be the current future of SANJO today.

Track List

1. 박범호 - 25현 가야금 합주곡 세산조 회모리, Park Bum Ho 25 string Gayageum sanjo for orchestra – Hwimori

2. 이지영 - 가야금 산조, Lee Ji Young - Kayageum Sanjo

3. 이 영구 - 대금 산조, Lee Young Gu - Taegeum Sanjo

4. 허윤정 - 거문고 산조, Ho Yoon Jung- Geomungo Sanjo


In this episode I will be exploring one of my favourite gugak groups Bulsechul Ensemble. I will be going through their min album and talking about why this group is very dear to me. Join me as i explore their mini album in this taster episode before I go on to explore their worldwide mini album.

In Bulsechul’s words

“Bulsechul’s excellence rarely seen in the world. Composed of current and Alumni’s of the Korean National University of Arts who are faithful to the style of traditional music but also pursues Korean Music which appeals to the sentiment of the modern people”

Episode 1 SINAWI

This is a recording of the first live episode held on Sunday the 11th of October. For those who were unable to listen or missed the show. In this episode, I will be diving into the folk music world exploring the greatest improvisory genre SINAWI. Follow me as I explore the various types of Sinawi from various regions as well as new types of the Sinawi genre. Although a relatively interesting new genre (about 50 years old), Sinawi has gone on to take its place amongst the most popular genres of Korean traditional music.

Join me in this episode as I explore the literati's music called Pungryu. In this episode i will go into detail as to how this genre came about, The various culture/religion behind it and most of all the people who made it possible and kept it alive.

This would be the last episode is series on as I now go on to series two focusing mainly on folk music.

Hi everyone, this will be the final episode in the Arirang special series. In this episode, I will be

looking into the reasons why Arirang has become very famous in the west as a representative song

of Korea. I will be looking and exploring westerners who have helped with the spread of Arirang. I

will also be going through 5 of my favourite modern covers of Arirang. Hope you enjoy the show!!!

Hi everyone, this program is a taster for the live show on Friday 27th February 2015. I hope through this you will have an idea of what Professor Hwang Byung Ki’s music sounds like. As I said this is just a taster, you will be able to listen to more during the program on Friday. I will not be uploading the track list this episode, however people who are interested in obtaining a copy of his album can click on the link below to buy it:

This episode is the part one of the Arirang special. Join me in exploring Arirang and what makes it so unique and special to the Korean people. In this episode I will be talking more about the lives of Korean people and what the song Arirang mean to them (please bear in mind this is my own perspective and thoughts). This episode is dedicated to the families of the 250 students of DANWON High School who died in the SAEWOL-HO shipping accident.

Track List

This episode is based on music listened to by the literati. In this episode join me in discovering another side of court music (Classical Vocal Music) which was highly enjoyed by the wealth and people of grate influence back in the Joseon era.