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Founded in August 2015, Startupboat is an initiative that develops tech and innovative solutions to respond to the migration crisis. Paula Schwartz, the founder of the initiative came to SOAS Radio to talk about her team's work at the frontlines of the refugee crisis in Greece, why start ups can be more efficient than NGOs and some of the projects that have come out of startupboat, such as Marha Cars and Donatio.

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Trained in Indian classical music, Jon Sterckx employs live multitrack sampling and audio processing to create magnificent percussive soundscapes. Each composition by Jon provides a unique journey through all quarters of the world built around his inter-continental range of drums: tablas, riq, darabuka, vocal percussion, and much more! Sample his excellent debut CD, ‘Drumscapes’, on this A World In London!

Juwon Ogungbe has been composing for London theatre productions since the 1980s. A gifted singer & pianist, Juwon now releases his solo album title ‘Life Force Music’, in which his many talents shine through.
Hear extracts from the CD on this A World In London, and about Juwon’s recent and inspiring work in Zimbabwe!

Istanbul-born singer Çiğdem (say Cheedem) brings an authentic voice and exquisite styling to the poignant songs associated with the Greek and Turkish diasporas created after the forced population exchanges in the early 1920s. Born out of hardship yet full of resilience and with a devil-may-care attitude this repertoire shares the music, lyrics and sentiments of rebetiko and Western Turkish styles; a heritage belonging to both communities.