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Oui Madame! MADERA is back from a trip to Paris, laden with French Caribbean vinyl + featuring a hot mix from Franco - Spanic DJ RAFAEL ARAGON (Global Hybrid Records) on the eve of his London debut. Allez, salut maintenant ...


Nowadays otaku culture is far from being the niche phenomenon it used to be. Dedicated conventions keep on popping up all over the world, therefore SOAS-SOAS’s crew has gathered one of the most diverse, multicultural and numerous roundtable so far to debate how otaku are perceived in various countries and to discuss how ComiCons are consequently enjoyed and organised. Cosplay comes back once again under our professors’ lens as the quintessence of conventions, this time with in depth details about how cosplay competitions work. Plus, your professor Anthea had the honour to meet (more than once!) one of Japan’s most prolific and talented video game producers: Hideo Baba!

For the last episode of the year, we’re offering you a wide selection of cult classics and future hits from le pays de la France. From Akhenaton to Odezenne, lots of diversity, and plenty wonderful beats and mcs await...

London Gypsy Orchestra’s Gundula Gruen joined Ritu & Luna on this AWIL. Hear the unmissable story behind her new Tatcho Drom album, ‘The Devil’s Lentil Soup’!

LE BON BEAT - Episode 8

This episode has been conceived as a pure joy ride for all hiphop music lovers.

As this might be our last episode for a little while, we had to dig deep and deliver the best, trying to showcase the multiple facets of the french hiphop scene, as it has been custom with Le Bon Beat.

So we are starting this show with instropective and socially conscious lyrics and beats, before drifting towards the core of the hiphop movement and some irresistible tunes, before finishing on a very chilled out note and faring you goodbye...for now.

Thanks to everyone who supported the show and came down to our Le Bon Beat Live Music and Painting nights. We will be around soon, keep sharing our Facebook Page and blog,, follow us on Twitter, and download the podcasts for free on iTunes for all our previous episodes.

Merci a tous!

World Radio Day and a non-stop global music session for this A World In London’. Fantastic new CDs including Ritu’s picks of the week, by Zucchero & Gnawa Diffusion!
A World In London live on Wednesdays, 2pm, from SOAS Radio:

For World Radio Day 2013, Pauline Roland of SOAS Radio looks at community radio in Francophone Africa as an efficient grassroots development tool, providing access to the information in local languages to people living in remote areas of the country. In Senegal, for example, community radio is reducing dangerous home-births and female genital mutilations, and also impacting on the economy by giving women access to knowledge on how to become an entrepreneur.

In this podcast, you can listen to just a few of the highlights you can expect from the next edition of the Spirit, which is out next Tuesday, 5th February. In news, SOAS Spirit correspondent Cristiana Moisescu discusses her article on the recent Mali intervention. In features, we have US poet Shihan talking poetry and the SOAS Spoken Word event 'Expressions of Love'. Plus a round up of highlights from the features section by features correspondent Katie O'Reilly Boyles.

For World AIDS Day 2012, Pauline Le Rolland discusses how the prevalence of AIDS and HIV varies between regions in the Francophone world, but contrary to common belief, the prevalence is increasing in France and the figures are encouraging in western Africa. This highlights the danger of popular misconceptions, and the importance of continuing to be responsible and cautious in the developed world. Pauline goes on to discuss the methods employed by Theatre For A Change in raising awareness and preventing the spread of HIV in Africa.


Not content with only playing 3 vinyl slabs, you get 5 today. OK, they are very short 45s, but hey, who's counting? You also get an Indo-Serb tribute to Donna Summer, afro-synth-tech fusion out of France, and some Soft Rock to boot. Bargain!

Anatolian Pop, To France! Murat Meriç, who will participate to Kolaj Istanbul event between 14-18 september organised by Gaîté Lyrique, is going to talk about what he had prepared to play at that event.

France is host to many different types of bagpipes but Gascogne has a special bagpipe, rediscovered at the bottom of a chest in a Museum in Toulouse in 1970: the boha (pronounced "bouhe"). Used in the 19th century at festive events, it then became an element for folklorisation along with the picturesque stilts used by the people to walk in the marshlands. The modern instrument has been adapted by the contemporary bagpipe makers in order to make it compatible with other folk instruments like the diatonic accordion.

In this episode Stephen talks about the role of France in recent interventions in Libya and Cote d'Ivoire. According to Stephen, the situation in Cote d'Ivoire is very vexed, as elections have been overruled assisted by France military support. He also talks about the role of France in the invasion of Libya.