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Exile Radio

Exile radio is brought to you by Mark Greenfield and Drew Salida from Sephardic Flamenco group Los Desterrados. Their last album ‘Miradores’ won them a nomination for best group in the Songlines World Music awards 2009, and they are currently working on their fourth studio album. In this series of podcasts, boundaries of nationality and genre take a back seat whilst music from London and beyond is discovered, discussed and dispersed. The artists making the music and the places they are heard in are of an equal importance as Mark and Drew dig deep into their crates to bring you a series of podcasts reflecting the curious and captivating sounds of the globe.

Mark and Drew welcome Baladi specialists Guy Schalom and Sheik Taha into the studio to discuss their album "Baladi Blues 2 - A Tribute to the Masters". Whilst exploring the roots of the music they discuss their experiences in Egypt and also make time to give an introductory lesson to the rhythms of Baladi. The temperature in the studio was raised by their smoking live session - hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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The Mediterranean melting pot of music and words is explored once again in the fourth episode of Exile Radio with Mark Greenfield and Drew Salida from Los Desterrados. Highlights this month include a Raki drinking song from Greece, a didgeridoo led haunting Ladino record from Spain and a track by the fifty piece Israeli Andalusian Orchestra. Inspiration corner this month looks at British folk and is rounded off by Mark and Drew as they perform a Judeo-Spanish cover of a 70s folk/soul track by John Martyn.

For the third installment of Exile Radio, we explore the gypsy sound of Drew's heritage in Eastern Europe as well as giving tips for festivals in the region that are happening in 2012. The show also journeys through British Folk and Funk, Finnish harmonica sounds and Brazilian soul. For more info contact - .


For the second episode of Exile Radio, Mark and Drew are joined by Dr Jon Banes and his trusted box of rare Ethiopian 7s. As well as discussing music and life in Addis Ababa, they also venture into the musical worlds of Romania, Turkey, Israel and Colombia. The show draws to a close with a Sephardic prayer song from Morocco and a stomping Notting Hill Carnival anthem in the making. Enjoy!

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The height of summer is approaching…. apparently. It’s the end of July so we’re in festival mood - whatever the weather’s like here in England. In this, the first session of the Exile Radio series, we feature music from the forthcoming WOMAD festival happening in Charlton Park. We’ve chosen music from performing artists who originate from France, Cuba, Mali, Columbia and of course, the UK. We also accompany Mark as he recalls some of the musical highlights of his honeymoon foray to WOMAD New Zealand, uncovering a Polynesian gem of a track.