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Dub Station

Hot Dubplates in proper Sound System style, presented live by Steve Rogers.

A DJ and MC from South London, Steve Rogers is one of the founder members of University of Dub, England's biggest Dub experience featuring the seminal London Sound System Aba Shanti. In each episode he pulls out the best roots dubplates from his vinyl collection, playing the likes of Johnny Clarke, Jackie Mitto and Augustus Pablo. Steve recently returned from Ethiopia, and brought with him an amazing collection of recordings. A Rastafarian influenced listening experience from the OpenAir Studios.

Ras Steve is back with a blast from the past! Tune in for Joe Gibbs, Cedric Im Brooks, Twinkle Bros, Kibir Al Amlak and many more.

Ras Steve unleashes a new selection of dub plates, classic reggae and roots from the likes of Aba Shanti, Skatalites, Studio1, Twinkle Bros, Mulu and more. Tune in to an hour of full dub mixes straight from the turntable.

This episode features tracks from Count Ossie, Augustus Pablo, The Abyssinians, Twinkle Brothers, Joe Gibbs and many more. Ras Steve plays VINYL records only.

This episode of Dub Station brings you tracks from Burning Spear, Augustus Pablo and Sly and Robbie amongst many others! Enjoy

Mulatu Astatke, the Twinkle Brothers, Augustus Pablo among the tracks played in this episode of Dub Station

The return of Dubstation on Friday 11/11/11
Tracks from Lloyd Jones, King Tubbys, Aba Shanti, Augustus Pablo, Judah Eskenda Tafari, Burning Spear and more.

Track Artist Label Album
1 Rome Lloyd Jones Attack Sufferers choice

2 Dubbing Augustus Pablo Rockers One Step Dub
King James

1 - King Tubbs - Blackboard Jungle (Clocktower 10 inch)
2 - Twinkle Brothers - Our National Heros (Sip a' Cup 10 inch)
3 - Niney The Observer - Dub Now (Sledgehammer Dub - Motion Records)
4 - Dub Judah - Mandations Dub (Sip a Cup 10 inch)
5 - Matic Horns - Dub generator (10 Inch)
6 - Tengue Bros - Dub Science (10 Inch)
7 - Daweh Congo - Go With Jah (Taitu 10 Inch)
8 - Steve Santana - Heavenly Protected (Twinkle 12 inch)
9 - Chazzbo - Warrior (Roots Temple 12 Inch)
10 - Aba Shanti- I - Glory Unto The Highest (Revelation in Dub - Jet Star)

1. Ital Horns - Ital Return
2. Twinkle Brothers - Repent
3. Makiko - Roots Mountain
4. Dub Judah - Fire
5. Dub Judah - Babylon Is A Trap
6. The Disciples - Lost Roots
7. Rasta Steve + Abasha Gige - Dub Fore Intoto Mountain
8. ,, ,, - Afrika Koowalesh She Is Waiting
9. Chazbo - Holy Mount Zion

1. Cedric Im' Brooks - Smiley
2. Sly & Robbie meets Bunny Lee - Africa Dub Child
3. Dennis Brown - Ababa Jahni
4. Dennis Brown - Wolves & Leopards
5. Israel Vibration - Lost Souls, Jericho
6. Cedric Im' Brooks - Sister Enid
7. Barry Brown - Stop Them Jah
8. Dawit Menelik Tafari - Hallelujah
9. Prince Malachi - Revolution
10. Dub Judah - Babylon Is A Trap

1. Aba Shanti I - Exalt H.I.M
2. Aba Shanti I - Holy Mount Zion
3. Aba Shanti I - Babylon Destruction Earthquake 2
4. Lion Roots @ University of Dub
5. Aban Shanti @ University of Dub
6. OBF DanMan - Wicked Dub
7. Bush Chemist - Dub to Selassie
8. Jonah Dan - Down in a Rome
9. Bush Chemist - Shanti Rock
10. Jonah Dan + Mickael Rose - Babylon Kingdom Fall
11. Junior Delgado - Fire Rage
12. Mr. Boris - Fire Dub

1. Glory Unto the Highest – Abba Shanti I

2. Jahovah – Twinkle Bros

3. The Four Horsemen – Abba Shanti I

4. Small Axe – Bob Marley

5. Running Away – Bob Marley

6. All In One – Bob Marley

7. Once the Shepherd Has Spoken – Steve Santana

8. Dub From Early Childhood – Mafia + Fux Band

9. Fire Rage Dub – Mr Boris

10. Higher Judgement – Dubkasim All Stars

11. Palms 87 – Reality Soul Jahs

1. JAH Kingdom come – Twinkle Brothers
2. I will forever praise JAH – Twinkle Brothers
3. Never get burn – Twinkle Brothers
4. Axumite Realms – Jonah Dan
5. Meditation Master – Ital Horns & Bush Chemist
6. Let JAH in – Twinkle Brothers
7. Wolf & Lepard – Denis Brown
8. The Good Lord – The Abyssinians
9. Kinta Kinte – The Revolutionaries
10. Dub Feelings – Jonah Dan
11. New Dawning – Res Muffet

1. Know Far I – Bongo Herman & Bunny
2. Exodus – Bob Marley & The Wailers
3. Slave Driver – Denis Brown
4. Why Can’t I – Cedric Im Brooks
5. Monsoon Dub – King Tubbys
6. Sister Enid – Cedric Im Brooks
7. Sunshine Dub – Augustus Pablo
8. JAH Feeling – Burning Spear
9. Ethiopians live it out – Burning Spear
10. Munayé – Mulatu Astaki
11. Militant Dub at Tubbys – Tommy M Cook
12. Buds Bush – Prince Far I
13. Roots Temple – Ital Horns meets Bush Chemist

Babylon is a Trap Dub Juhdah Dub Jockey
Kingdom Rise and Kingdom Fall Wailing Souls JAH Guidance
Only Jah Jah Dub Augustus Pablo Greensleeves
Jah Give I take the Power Kenny Knots Seek Jah First
Do Right J Anderson ZA Recordings

Black Pride King Tubbins Original Music Sound System Dub
Throwaway your gun Jamdown Prince Fari PRE
Door Peep Burning Spear Studio 1 Burning Spear
Fire Dub Judah Dub Jockey
Mandacious Dub Dub Judah Sip a Cup
Version Matic Horns Sipacup

The Dubplates keep coming thick and fast this week, with tracks by Bob Marley, Steel Poles, Joe Gibbs, Prince Alla, Sidney Solomon, and an unlabeled gem from the bottom of the record crate

Teddy Afro, Twinkle Brothers, the Steel Poles and Robert Neste Marley, and Russ D and Itak Tojo are among the records selected by Ras Steve in another classic Episode of Dub Station

Ras Steve returns to the OpenAir studio to play tracks by Cedric Im Brookes, Dillinger, Winston Francis, Asnaketch Worku, The Bush Chemists, and Ras Steve + Ras Samuel.

Bob Marley, King Tubby, and Aba-shant-i feature among the dubplates played in this episode of Dub Station

Augustus Pablo, Prince Far I & The Arabs and Dub Providers are among the dubplates featured in this episode of Dub Station.

Proper Dub vinyl selected sound system style by the original Brixton ambassador of Dub, Ras Steve

More Dub and Reggae tracks brought to you straight from the OpenAir Studio

More of the hottest dubplates from Steve Rodgers, incluiding Israel Vibration, Ital Horns, Love Grocer and Mad Professor.

Playlist for episode 3

More dubplates from Steve Rogers in a show recorded in June 2008

Dubplates and reggae tunes in the first episode of the series.