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Current shows in production at SOAS Radio.

Cal Jader welcomes Brooklyn based tropical producer / DJ Andy Gillis aka Uproot Andy in the studio for a run through some of his biggest productions and remixes and to talk about the New York latin scene and Colombian carnival amongst other things. Plus new and classic tunes from Brasil to Peru, Ecuador, the Caribbean and beyond.

It was such a huge honour to welcome Dhafer Youssef to AWIL this week. His twenty-five year career through ethno jazz & Sufi sounds has taken him all over the globe, performing, composing, and creating outstanding albums. During his childhood years by the sea in Teboula, Dhafer built his own oud out of bits of boat wood and bicycle cable, whilst making do with the loan of a real guitar just once per month.

Skill to serenity through kora to guitar with Derek Gripper on this A World In London!


Special guest Kora player extraordinare Diabel Cissokho and his band were guest with Madera Verde before their upcoming album launch of "Tambacounda Express" at Rich Mix, London, on June 29th!

Tickets here:

In this third episode, we bring you some of the best music from Thailand. We explore a different range of musical styles, from the popular musical classification called Luk Thung or music for the rural audience, as well as other different unique styles of contemporary Thai pop, rock, traditional and ethnic music. Also in this episode, we have a special guest and Thai musician from SOAS, Fino Patanasiri.


Oui Madame! MADERA is back from a trip to Paris, laden with French Caribbean vinyl + featuring a hot mix from Franco - Spanic DJ RAFAEL ARAGON (Global Hybrid Records) on the eve of his London debut. Allez, salut maintenant ...


New music from the Hackney Globetrotter!

1. Pressure I feat. Yay Alexander & Benjamin Zephaniah / The Sea. Red String Riddim EP. True Thoughts Records

2. Nothing Can Stop Us (Radio edit) Soothsayers

3. Bata Boy (Wrongtom Remix) / Lakuta . Bata Boy. True Thoughts Records

4. Presente Grego, Arthur Verocia. Mr Bongo Records

5. Black Bandit / Nu Art Quartet, Peace Chant Vol. 1.

6. Gojira , Flamingods, Majesty. Soundway Records

7. Cacao / Family Atlantica, Cosmic Unity. Soundway Records

Global summer sounds in a cold June capital on this A World In London!


Hossam Ramzy - Sabla Tolo IV
Carlos Vives - Salvar Tu Amor
Nikki Yeoh - The Healer
Reem Kelani - Galilean Lullaby
Kanako Horiuchi/Falaye Sakho - Hana Umui
42 Strings - Midu Shange
Ema Yazurlo - Salvame
Dolma Renqingi - Chomolungma
Anthony Joseph - Mano Mano
Derek Gripper - Miniyamba
Nii Okai Tagoe - Oh Nu Kpa

Brandnew music from HGT!


1. Louis, Louis / Friar Tuck and His Psychedelic Guitar, DJ Format's Psych Out, BBE Records

2. The Rain / Eddie Gale, Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music, Blue Note Records

3. A Life Worth Living feat. U-Roy & Alice Russell (Radio Edit) / Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno, A Life Worth Living

4. Still Want More feat. Joe Burns / The Sea

5. Killing Me (feat. Dry Guy & Eddie Zonic) [Subculture Sounds Remix] / Shadow, Killing Me - EP. Dusty Artz

A Lusophonic special, partly inspired by the new Space Echo psychedelic Cabo Verde compilation from Analog Africa and guest Portuguese musician Catarina Dos Santos who brings a selection of inspirations from Angola, Cabo Verde and Brazil plus some of her own music.

Distinctive and evocative singer-songwriter Reem Kelani on this A World In London!

Join me in the first episode where I introduce you to some soothing tracks from the hidden side of Korean popular Music


A mega-mix of global music on this A World In London with DJ Ritu!


It’s been a little while since the last show, but I have been in Ghana on a ‘research’ trip. Record shops are few and far between in Ghana which means that we often ended up at people’s house, or bars. We met a lot of interesting characters along the way- including Mr. Kwaku Rasta of Jamestown. The tracks in this selection are a showcase of some of the records I found, including songs from Alex Konadu, Yamoah’s Band, Prince Nico Mbarga and the Kumapim Royals Band. I will be sharing some more of our finds in the next show. Enjoy!

This second episode explores the golden age of Cambodian rock and roll as well as traditional and contemporary artists from Cambodia . This podcast features legendary Khmer singers such as Kong Nay as well as classic singers, Sinn Sisamouth, Ros Sereysothea and Pan Ron who were lost during Khmer rouge.

Track List

Movimientos - 11/5/16

Cosmic Afro-Venezuelan vibes from Family Atlantica and La Gallera Social Club plus more new releases from M.A.K.U. Soundsystem, La Dame Blanche and ÀTTØØXXÁ. Plus tracks previewing forthcoming London shows from Karol Conka, La Chiva Gantiva and Sidestepper as well as a taster of the new Voodoo Love Orchestra album. Plus guest Chico Urbanus from the Sterns label joins us in the studio to play some Brazilian Hip Hop and talk about the new Criolo release.

Join me in this final episode of Series 2, where I touch a bit on the religious music of Korea (Buddhism and Shamanism)

What a privilege to present a radio show when there is so much great new music out there. Today’s outing travels from Brazil to Australia, Cape Verde, SA, USA, UK, Cuba and beyond via psychedelia, rock, soul, jazz, rhumba and more…….Love it.

1. Tell Me feat. A-K Kaappola, Dalindèo, Slavic Souls

2. A Mulher do fim do mundo (radio edit MP3), ELZA SOARES, Maid Um Discos

3. Can't Nobody Get Down (Radio Edit), Hot 8 Brass Band, Tru Thoughts Records

4. Rye Lane Shuffle, MOSES BOYD,

5. Baldonero, Fumaça Preta, Impuros Fanáticos, Soundway Records

Cross-cultural capital music on this A World In London with DJ Ritu!

A live recording from 4/5/16 when Spinning Hourglass went live on SOAS radio for the first time!


Track List

Hossam Ramzy - Sabla Tolo IV - Egypt/UK

The London Lucumi Choir - Drume Negrita - UK ++

Calais Refugee Recs/Best Foot Music unknown artist?

3 Argentinas - Como Una Luz - UK/Argentina

Deepa Nair Rasiya - Moko Kahaan - UK/India

M.A.K.U. Soundsystem - Agua - USA/Colombia

Yo-Yo Ma & Silk Rd Ensemble - Green - China/USA

Bessie Smith - On Revival Day - USA

Eva Salina - Akaja Rat - USA/Serbia

Fernando Moura - Mexidao - Brasil

Mamadou + Sama Yoon - Mangi Xaar - Poland

Cal Jader runs through another edition of latin heat - this week with a strong Salsa and afro-latin beat featuring new tracks from Maite Hontele & La Mambanegra from Colombia, plus some old school Puerto Rican flavour from Cortijo y Su Combo and Roberto Roena plus a new Plena style 7" from Vampisoul. From Brazil another track from the new Nomade Orquestra album and a respin for Instituto track featuring Criolo.

The magical harmonies of The London Lucumi Choir on this A World In London!


1. False Paradise, Starcrost,

2. Africa Calling (feat. Preachermann, Tata Din Din & the Antib, Holy Forest

3. Killing Me (feat. Dry Guy & Eddie Zonic) [Subculture Sounds Remix], Shadow, Killing Me - EP

4. Play Mass, Sons Of Kemet, Lest We Forget What We Came Here to Do, Naim Recordings

5. Migajas, Fumaça Preta, Impuros Fanáticos, Soundway Recordings

6. Coco Lunar, Naná Vasconcelos, 4 Elementos. Farout Recordings

7. Abram Alas, TiãoDuá, Radio Mandinga, Bandcamp

What is cultural appropriation? Join us as we attempt to define and understand the complexities of cultural appropriation.

The second episode of Spinning Hourglass brings a Marcus Engwall to the studio for a quick chat and a mix of tracks that he has been waking up to and having his morning dancing session to.


With special guest in the house - Brazilian DJ & producer Maga Bo!

Chapa Coco - Neguedmundo
Coco de Nosso Senhor - Radiola Serra Alta
Rap na Palma da Mão - Gaspar Z'África Brasil
Rosa da Matinha - ChicoCorrea e Totonho
Carimbó Remix - DJ Mangaio e Coletivo di Tambor
Mexe Mexe - Terrakota Ft Beat Laden
Aguacero - Captain Planet & Chico Mann
Machacon - Lagartijeando
xote natural feat. Flavia Coelho - Sociedade Recreativa
Ipajé - sociedade recreativa
F*da P*rra feat. Knalha - ATTOOXXA

Eminent ethnomusicologists Veronica Doubleday & John Baily returned to AWIL this week with their potent & hypnotic songs from Herat. This ubiquitous duo are eminent beyond research & academia, as creative talents accomplished in photography, film-making, miniature painting, embroidery, and book writing. Their infinite ability to convey the very essence of Afghanistan and its best features, is utterly seductive through the anecdotes they share and the irresistible beauty of the music they make.

Special Episode featuring ambient and electronic music by non-Japanese artists but who were nonetheless inspired by or have some connections with Japan, such as former SOAS student Gold Panda!

Episode 11 showcases the electronic experiments of Anchorsong, a talented musician especially famous for his unique live shows. He is currently touring the UK and he'll be back in the summer for some shows at festivals around Europe.