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A whole hour of bagpipe music for this special edition of Bagpipes Galore celebrating World Radio Day 2013.
Here is a selection of some of the finest piping music from around the world with sounds from Bulgaria to Portugal, Southern Italy to Northern England and with a special Iranian jazz fusion piece. Open your ears and welcome back into the unending world of bagpipes!

France is host to many different types of bagpipes but Gascogne has a special bagpipe, rediscovered at the bottom of a chest in a Museum in Toulouse in 1970: the boha (pronounced "bouhe"). Used in the 19th century at festive events, it then became an element for folklorisation along with the picturesque stilts used by the people to walk in the marshlands. The modern instrument has been adapted by the contemporary bagpipe makers in order to make it compatible with other folk instruments like the diatonic accordion.