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Conversations with Creators

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.”
~Thomas H. Huxley

As Asia takes the centre stage in the global arena, Conversations with Creators meets Asian creatives who are visiting London to understand what, how, and why they do what they do as a career in the creative industries. Hosted by co-producers Rice and Sophia, we take this defining moment to bringing listeners up close to understand the passion, perseverance and pursuit of happiness of these the quiet creators from the East that has influenced the international creative arena through art, design, film, fashion, architecture, literature, and other creative mediums under the creative industries.

Each episode on CWCLDN highlights one Asian´s leading creative figure who are visiting London to understand their passion for their job, whether produced as a book, piece of music, film or other works of art.

The programme also introduces special segments of the show content, vice versa: conversing with other non-Asian creators who creates Asian creative content.

This edition of CWCLDN welcomes the lovely Japanese-American jazz singer-songwriter Emi Meyer who visited London en route to Paris. Being an active musician in the States and Japan, discover what truly becomes the challenge across shores from the question of identity to idealism.

The SOAS South Asian Film Society invited award-winning filmmaker Anand Gandhi to SOAS for an exclusive talk. From the person who was able to capture the mundaneness of ordinary life, he weaved together a story that conveyed an extraordinary message in his movie "Ship of Theseus", Gandhi also tells us about how he became a filmmaker by designing his own curriculum, to the essence and purpose of creating and making life more meaningful.

World-class jazz pianist Makoto Kuriya headlines in the inaugural Tokyo Jazz Fest London presented by Bolygo Music.
Listen to another CWCLDN exclusive as the host Rice invites him to SOAS Radio and speak about the meaning of "Japanese jazz" and where the music business is heading to.

CWCLDN holds an exclusive chat with the 'Samurai Guitarist', Miyavi in this episode. We meet the Japanese living legend musician, singer-songwriter, and producer, who toured the world under his 'Slap The World Tour 2014' in London's Universal Music office. Listen to the London conversation on this enigmatic yet humble man, revealed in this episode.

This edition of CWCLDN exceptionally welcomes the independent Japanese anime and film creative Keiichi Hara to the studio, who visited London earlier this year for Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2014.

This edition of CWCLDN is a must-listen to all aspiring and independent musicians for a glimpse of a different colour to Korean music outside of K-POP, South Korean musician and songwriter Hugh Keice, an Asian creative in London. Plus, have the chance to win Hugh's autograph CD: