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Bagpipes Galore Episode 7

Mallorca, land of sun and sea, but who knew it was also land of bagpipes? This episode introduces the xeremies, the Mallorcan bagpipes, played all throughout the island after an important revival in the 1970s. From old recordings of the 1960s to the most modern rendition of piping, here is a glimpse into the real music of Mallorca...

Track list
Eixut, Muy bienvenidos. Track 1 Majorcan Souvenir 2012. Vaive audio-produccions DL: PM 512-2012
Xeremiers de Sa Calatrava, Per Tocar Caminant. Track 2, Xeremiers de Sa Calatrava Produccions Blau CDM 047 1996
Copeo, Llargos colla, 1960s. Pep Rotger's private collection
Ximbomba Atomica, Ximbomba/Sant Antoni. Track 2, Ximbomba Atomica, Cabres de plastic, Produccions Blau CD 132
Xeremiers de Soller, Sa Calera. Track 3, Xeremiers de Soller en directe, Soller, 3 octubre 2009, Produccions Blau, BLAU CD 559 - DL PM 419 2010
Eixut, Gemecs de Fusta. Majorcan Souvenir 2012. Vaive audio-produccions DL: PM 512-2012
BOC, Tom Bon Barril. BOC uep! 2012. Sona produccions B-5880-2012, Ref: AET1202

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