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China Aloud

China Aloud is a podcast that showcases contemporary chinese music to the english speaking audience. Every episode of the programme features music tracks from chinese artists, complemented with comments and insights into the artists' career and the current music scene in China.

This episode gives a taste of Mando-pop (Mandarin pop music) and Catonpop(Cantonese pop music) from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Shanghai in the 1930s is the origin of both genres, like the ‘golden voice' Zhou Xuan and Xu Xiao Feng from Hong Kong. Following the timeline, you'll hear Teresa Deng, Luo Da You, Cai Qin, Grasshopper (group) and Jacky Zhang singing in Mandarin Chinese, and also Leslie Zhang, Anita Mei and Feya Wang singing in Cantonese.

Welcome to China Aloud! In this episode, we’ll start from Mainland China in the 1980s when lots of pioneers in the music industry popped up, including Cui Jian, Tang Dansty(band), Xu Wei, Zhen Jun. The influences of these pioneers also expand to contemporary popular music in Mainland China, such as DA DA(band) and Ding Wei. Please bear my first time unskilful presentation and enjoy the music!