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Music of the Caucasus - On the Stage.

Live recording of Ashiq Nargile and Tabuni from the Concert Series on the 20th October.

In the first show of the new series, we talk to Stefan of the Sayat Nova Project to find out more about Music from the Caucasus. In an area often thought as a border between Europe and Asia, we learn a little about the region's rich linguistic and cultural heritage. We learn about the Ashiq bards that travel through the diverse region, and how Monday's performer, Ashiq Nargile fits into that tradition.

In Russian: Worldwide an estimated number of 6000 languages are spoken. About 60% to 80% of these languages are endangered, meaning that they might not be spoken in 100 years. Ensuring the preservation of languages can improve the quality of education, maintain cultural diversity and support nation building. In this clip, Elena Giniotyte talks about Archi, an endangered language in the Northeast Caucasus.