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The Bungalow Road Jazz Show

Encompassing the marabi, kwela and jive of mid-twentieth century urban South Africa, the Jazz- in- exile of the 1960s and 1970s, and the new wave of musicians in the twenty years of post-apartheid democracy, The Bungalow Road Jazz Show covers the sounds, styles, assemblages and musicians under the umbrella of ‘South African Jazz’, with new releases, vinyl re-issues, interviews and live music.

A mix of kwela, marabi, Cape Jazz and jive, mostly old, some new, featuring South African jazz icons, internationally renowned artists-in-exile, unsung jazzers who remained in South Africa and the next generation of vibrant musicians from South Africa's contemporary Jazz scene.


The first Bungalow Road Jazz Show features a selection of marabi, jazz-in-exile from the 1970s, renowned artists, reissues and recent releases which are all part of the sound of South African Jazz from the last 70 years.