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Tiger Blossom's main man, Johnny Mooney nipped over to A World In London. This local band dabble in all kinds of sounds and Johnny himself is an amazing multi-instrumentalist. Live gigs are lined up in Clapham and various other venues across the capital so you can check out Tiger Blossom near you soon!

Three women and a baby..almost! The brilliant Perunika Trio returned to A World In London minus Jasmina Stosic but armed with Eugenia Georgieva’s five month-old baby Sylvia! The other ‘new arrival’ was the trio’s fantastic new CD, made in Japan and sung in Japanese plus native tongue. ‘Bulgarian Warabeuta’ boasts the best voices-Eugenia/Desislava/Jasmina- in perfect harmony and co-incidentally is themed around motherhood and nursery rhymes. Perunika Trio revealed that they have yet another album on the way through the A.R.C. label so there’s even more to look forward to in October!

Percussionist, dancer, & composer, Guy Schalom is back with a brilliant new album! In ‘Baladi Blues 3’, Guy pays homage to the great Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi, resurrecting and re-arranging ever-green hits originally sung by Warda, Oum Koulsoum, and Hafez. Baladi Blues 3 will be out on May 21st, but exclusive copies will be on sale at the launch party on May 20th. Join us at Dingwalls in Camden!

Bulgaria is host to two bagpipes: the djura gaida of Thrace and the kaba gaida of the Rhodope Mountains. During this episode you will have an insight on how to build a djura gaida and hear the master Petko Stefanov playing on the bagpipes he made. You will also hear how a Bulgarian gaidar can play in freezing temperatures and listen to 100 kaba gaidas playing together.

Thank you to Marie-Barbara Le Gonidec for her expertise.

Sedi Donka, Petko Stefanov, “The Magic of Bulgarian Gaida”, World Music Collection, 1999 PolySound Inc.

First episode of the bagpipe world! This episode gives a small overview of how a bagpipe works and plays musical examples of different instruments from Galicia, Majorca, Ireland and Bulgaria, plunging you directly into a whole new dimension and giving you a foretaste of what is to come.