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A Lusophonic special, partly inspired by the new Space Echo psychedelic Cabo Verde compilation from Analog Africa and guest Portuguese musician Catarina Dos Santos who brings a selection of inspirations from Angola, Cabo Verde and Brazil plus some of her own music.

Movimientos - 11/5/16

Cosmic Afro-Venezuelan vibes from Family Atlantica and La Gallera Social Club plus more new releases from M.A.K.U. Soundsystem, La Dame Blanche and ÀTTØØXXÁ. Plus tracks previewing forthcoming London shows from Karol Conka, La Chiva Gantiva and Sidestepper as well as a taster of the new Voodoo Love Orchestra album. Plus guest Chico Urbanus from the Sterns label joins us in the studio to play some Brazilian Hip Hop and talk about the new Criolo release.


1. False Paradise, Starcrost,

2. Africa Calling (feat. Preachermann, Tata Din Din & the Antib, Holy Forest

3. Killing Me (feat. Dry Guy & Eddie Zonic) [Subculture Sounds Remix], Shadow, Killing Me - EP

4. Play Mass, Sons Of Kemet, Lest We Forget What We Came Here to Do, Naim Recordings

5. Migajas, Fumaça Preta, Impuros Fanáticos, Soundway Recordings

6. Coco Lunar, Naná Vasconcelos, 4 Elementos. Farout Recordings

7. Abram Alas, TiãoDuá, Radio Mandinga, Bandcamp

With special guest in the house - Brazilian DJ & producer Maga Bo!

Chapa Coco - Neguedmundo
Coco de Nosso Senhor - Radiola Serra Alta
Rap na Palma da Mão - Gaspar Z'África Brasil
Rosa da Matinha - ChicoCorrea e Totonho
Carimbó Remix - DJ Mangaio e Coletivo di Tambor
Mexe Mexe - Terrakota Ft Beat Laden
Aguacero - Captain Planet & Chico Mann
Machacon - Lagartijeando
xote natural feat. Flavia Coelho - Sociedade Recreativa
Ipajé - sociedade recreativa
F*da P*rra feat. Knalha - ATTOOXXA


1. Your Light, Aina, Aloha Got Soul, Strut Records

2. Maye Omama, Ebo Taylor, Mr Bongo

3. Switch, Chris McGregor, African Sound, Jazzman Records

4. I put a spell on you (feat. Iulian Canaf), Fanfare Ciocarlia, Onwards to Mars, Asphalt Tango Records

5. Maye Omama, Ebo Taylor, My Love and Music, Mr Bongo Records

6. Ain't Gonna Give It Up, Charles Bradley, Changes. Daptone Records

7. Slavic Souls, Dalindèo, BBE Records

8. Oriza, Bio Ritmo,

9. On the line, sidestepper, supernatural love, Real World Records

A guest, a guest, my kingdom for a guest! First one of the year, in the studio, DJ Fabricio D.Vyzor, the don daddy of the Brazilian rare groove scene, chooses three tracks currently floating his boat + talks about the thriving Brazilian dance music scene here in London. Also on the show, a whole heap of banging African remixes of BONGA, FRANCIS BEBEY, ABY NGANA DIOP & VICTOR DEME, Croatian Balearica from PRO ARTE v SCRIMSHIRE ... and Superbowl MVP show stealer MISSY ELLIOT pon the WAGGLES riddim ... azuuuucaaaar!

Life after Ash Wednesday
In this episode of the Caipirinha Appreciation Society podcast we tell you a little bit about how we got through the Rio carnival but bring you a very varied music set to help us all recover from the marchinha and batucada overdose.

Vida após a Quarta-Feira de Cinzas
Neste episódio do podcast Caipirinha Appreciation Society, relatamos um pouco de nossas aventuras carnavalescas mas com um set musical bem variado, pra ajudar a recuperar da overdose de marchinha e batucada.

Carnival is upon us: the streets of Rio de Janeiro have been taken over by music and cheer. A collective of artists and activists decided to give it a little twist and the result is outstanding! Wonderful parodies of great carnival classics! Listen to the songs in the show and sing along to the great lyrics, which you can download from here.

Occupy Carnival Manifesto"

We were producing a different show, but we couldn't finish it as Kika Serra had to go to São Paulo for a matter of urgency. To avoid you guys having cold turkey due to the lack of your supply of Brazilian music beyond the clichés I had to produce an emergency show. To make the most of it, I introduce to you the band from São Paulo called Aláfia and some new other novelties that we came across lately.

No, this podcast episode does not bring a collection of songs about the joys of 4x4 car driving. It is a show that will introduce 4 different songs from each one of 4 new album releases, for your musical pleasure. You're welcome to listen to it in your SUV, though, if you're into that kind of thing!

I'll tell you what is crazy: to announce at the start of the show that there will be 3 artists having their debut in our playlists and at the end of the show noticing that you forgot to mention another 5 newcomers!

Cal invites Mais Um Discos label boss Lewis Robinson to the studio to discuss the label's acheivements releasing some of the freshest new music from Brazil with tracks from key artists on the label Lucas Santtana, Graveola and Siba as well as music from the brand new compilation Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brazil, and songs from Amazonian female divas Dona Onete and Gaby Amarantos.

We welcome renowned Brazilian female percussionist Simone Sou and Mariana Pinho (Maracatudo Mafua) into the studio to break down a selection of some of the essential roots rhythms from Brazil's North Eastern region of Pernambuco including Maracatu, Afoxe, Coco, Ciranda and Cavalo. There's also tracks from Simone's various projects with some fusions of Maracatu, Jazz and eastern rhythms.

As heatwave goes on, this month's Ghetto Lounge radio show is going to present Tropical Music special. Enjoy the rhythm journey from Caribbean islands to Latin America, Brazil and Africa.


"At once serious and playful" would be a good way to describe this episode. We hear Kika's impressions about Spain and the revolutionary songs she brought back from the land of the indignados, but also poke a little fun at Brazilian musicians who have tried to sing in Spanish at any one point of their careers. Have fun!

p.s. Sorry for the delay, we're trying to change the w... no, that one's old. How about: sorry for the delay, we were trying make sense of what's going on in Brazil! We'll tell you more about it soon, promise.

Well,the title of this episode is a joke, and a hard one to explain - but if one has to explain a joke, it's not a good joke, isn't it? But I'll try, anyway...

This show is a re-run of the episode 264. In this episode we bring you soundscapes of Saquarema, a city that was our home for 6 weeks in 2010. We have a chat to get the impressions about Brazilian living and surfing from a group of kids who were visiting the city as part of a Rotary exchange programme. And of course, we bring you two hours of fine Brazilian music.

Your weekly dose of Brazilian music beyond the clichés, this time around with no theme, just a varied 'selecta' of nice tunes and good vibes.

In this episode the Caipirinha Appreciation Society proves that we are really beyond the clichés: We focus on one of the most underestimated instruments in Brazilian music: The cuíca!
We interview Stan 'the cuíca man' Rifken from Manhattan School of Samba - NY and he talks to us about his cuíca adventures in Rio de Janeiro and the origins of this weird instrument.
We also bring you a very special bootleg with the samba combo from Pernambuco Pouca Chinfra, playing for the first time in Rio.

Kika just left Rio for some holidays in Europe, but the show must go on, Brazilian music beyond the clichés will not until she arrives in a place with proper internet connection to take part in the show via skype... But she will be back soon.

In this episode of the Caipirinha Appreciation Society you will be introduced to the music of Sergipe, the smallest state of Brazil.
You've met some of their music here at the CAS show, such as Naurêa, Cabedal, Elvis Boamorte & os Boavidas, but this time around we bring you a show 100% 'Sergipano'.
With the precious help of Alex Sant'anna, local artist and producer.

Some time we have to go back to the bare essentials, to the basic: Brazilian Music Beyond The Clichés...
We have many new albums to play and in the last month we had little time to listen and digest them properly. So I decided to dig on the repertoire of very old shows to bring some nice tracks back to your attention. Enjoy.

Your weekly dose of Brazilian Music Beyond The Clichés + a series of interviews with foreigners who spent Carnival in Brazil.

World Radio Day and a non-stop global music session for this A World In London’. Fantastic new CDs including Ritu’s picks of the week, by Zucchero & Gnawa Diffusion!
A World In London live on Wednesdays, 2pm, from SOAS Radio:

A show dedicated to those who hate samba, frevo, maracatu and anything remotely related to the Brazilian carnival! Luckily for us, that still leaves us a lot of great music to be enjoyed by the grumpy and light-hearted alike.

Folly is the word brazilians like to use to describe carnival period.
Listen and enjoy a little light hearted foolishness...

The Caipirinha Appreciation Society crew have been having a hectic summer, what with deejaying at the (oficial) end-of-the-world party, travelling to the interior of São Paulo for a musical Christmas, throwing our own party with a live act at CaipiHostel, having guests for NYE, bootlegging Criolo's gig for you... Phew! It has been intense, but in retrospect, it was worth every minute of it. Enjoy the soundtrack to all that!

So, that's it.
The End Of the World.
What else can we say???

Sometimes bands are so good that we want more than just one song. New songs from Andreia Dias, Projeto Prestes, Bombo Larai, Bina Coquet & MORE!

CAS 321 | Countdown

Music, music, music, music. And more music.