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Bollywood Beats

A Bollywood Society SOAS Production; Please listen with a sense of humour. Our intention is to make you laugh; talk about our beloved Bollywood and of course play you some AWESOME music Enjoy and turn up the volume yaar!

In our third show we are travelling back to 70s and 80s, the times when flared trousers were at vogue and the heroes of curry western were ‘good at heart’ goons. We are taking you through two completely diverse decades in order to see what kind of music became an inspiration for the people and what were the influences on composers. And what sort of heroes represented the Indian society and its aspirations on the silver screen. We also have a very special feature for you – an interview with none other than the legendary Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor!

In today’s programme we are taking you on a journey back in time to the golden years of Bollywood: 1950s and 1960s. We will talk about the famous composers, singers, actors and directors. We will tell you what styles made people’s hearts tick at that time and what influenced and inspired the artists. We will introduce you to bhajans, ghazals, patriotic tunes and westernised melodies – all to have fun with the Bollywood Beat!

Many thanks to Dr Francesca Orsini, whom we interviewed in this episode.

SOAS Bollywood Society is taking you on a journey through time and musical space with Hindi Filmi Song. In the pilot show we will talk about the latest hits that average Indian man and woman would play on their phone, hits that bring people to the cinema and show the actors in a different position in the cinema: as item boys and girls. We will talk about the meaning of the word “Bollywood” and “Item Song” and how the songs become a marketing ploy for the cinema industry.