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Bang bang bang de qiao men sheng 梆梆梆的敲门声

Bang bang bang de qiaomen sheng (梆梆梆的敲门声) is a new SOAS radio program hosted by DJ Qiu which showcases popular and underground music from in and around China. Every show will be introducing a new theme, region or genre.

To celebrate women's day, today's show is all about musicians who smash the patriarchy of the Chinese rock scene.

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Nimrod Baranovitch, China’s New Voices, 2001.
Jeroen de Kloet, China with a Cut, 2008.

More music from Weihua/ 蔚华:
(I mispronounce her name once in the show, oops- her name is Weihua, not Wenhua)

Episode four is a short introduction to a young, up and coming artist, SulAMan (马苏莱曼). His debut song, entitled “back to Suonanba”, is a call for his fellow Dongxiang/Sarta people to stand up and protect their very unique and endangered heritage.

The song:

马苏莱曼/SulAMan’s Weibo:

Episode 3 is all about Dawanggang, an experimental Beijing based band founded by Song Yuzhe. Yuzhe sings and plays guitar, eight-stringed banjo and cittern. Most of this show's recordings feature Hu Gejiletu on the horse-head fiddle (a Mongolian bowed instrument), throat singing and jaw harp, Adil on the ghijek ("spiked fiddle" from Central Asia), and the drummer Zhang Yang. Hope the new year is treating you well, enjoy!

Episode two is a Chinese New Year special! It is an introduction to a few of the artists that I’ll be focussing on in more depth in future shows, featuring songs either related to new year celebrations or upbeat and perfect for any new year parties. 新年快乐!