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Bagpipes Galore

130 Bagpipes to discover…. Presented by Cassandre Balosso-Bardin, a musician and SOAS research student, Bagpipes Galore will take you far into the world of bagpipes, dedicating every episode of the show to a new instrument. From Rajasthan to Ireland, including Bulgaria, Sweden, France, Turkey, Spain and many more countries, each and every one has its own history, its own music and its own stories to tell.

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Mallorca, land of sun and sea, but who knew it was also land of bagpipes? This episode introduces the xeremies, the Mallorcan bagpipes, played all throughout the island after an important revival in the 1970s. From old recordings of the 1960s to the most modern rendition of piping, here is a glimpse into the real music of Mallorca...

A whole hour of bagpipe music for this special edition of Bagpipes Galore celebrating World Radio Day 2013.
Here is a selection of some of the finest piping music from around the world with sounds from Bulgaria to Portugal, Southern Italy to Northern England and with a special Iranian jazz fusion piece. Open your ears and welcome back into the unending world of bagpipes!

France is host to many different types of bagpipes but Gascogne has a special bagpipe, rediscovered at the bottom of a chest in a Museum in Toulouse in 1970: the boha (pronounced "bouhe"). Used in the 19th century at festive events, it then became an element for folklorisation along with the picturesque stilts used by the people to walk in the marshlands. The modern instrument has been adapted by the contemporary bagpipe makers in order to make it compatible with other folk instruments like the diatonic accordion.

Galicia, Spain, has one of the highest densities of bagpipers in the world. The gaita is a popular
instrument and is played in many circumstances, from traditional gatherings to concerts and huge
festivals. With a quick historical background, this episode will mainly be playing records from the first
ever recorded gaitas in 1904 to the latest modern electro-rock sounds.

This episode, we will travel North to where light is scarce in winter and abundant in summer: Sweden. A musician and a saw-mill worker set to revive its small bagpipes in the 80s. These are known as the säckpipa. Sweden has a long history with bagpipes, and the sound of them, sweet and mellow is enough to convince anybody that they are also possible to play indoors. Come and discover the Swedish music of the long winter nights…

Thank you to Stefan Ekedahl and Olle Gällmo for their expertise and help. Thank you also to Jean Pierre Yvert and Per Gudmundsson for their music.

Bulgaria is host to two bagpipes: the djura gaida of Thrace and the kaba gaida of the Rhodope Mountains. During this episode you will have an insight on how to build a djura gaida and hear the master Petko Stefanov playing on the bagpipes he made. You will also hear how a Bulgarian gaidar can play in freezing temperatures and listen to 100 kaba gaidas playing together.

Thank you to Marie-Barbara Le Gonidec for her expertise.

Sedi Donka, Petko Stefanov, “The Magic of Bulgarian Gaida”, World Music Collection, 1999 PolySound Inc.

First episode of the bagpipe world! This episode gives a small overview of how a bagpipe works and plays musical examples of different instruments from Galicia, Majorca, Ireland and Bulgaria, plunging you directly into a whole new dimension and giving you a foretaste of what is to come.