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A show dedicated to Arabic music, with each episode focuses on a specific region, genre or personality. Presented by Khyam Allami.

In the final Aswat al-Fan in the OpenAir archives, Khyam Allami looks at instrumental composition in the Arab world

In the second show from the OpenAir archives circa 2008, Khyam presents a show dedicated to the Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi.

Khyam Allami looks at Classical Arabic music, and key figures at the heart of Arabic music since the mid-20th century.

1.Artist: Simon Shahīn (Simon Shaheen)

Taqsim on Violin

Album: Turath

2.Artist: Fairūz (Fairouz)

Title: Sa’alunin Nās

Composed by:
Ziād al-Raḥbāni