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Here you can find shows that are no longer in production. Dig in!

Just what exactly is the point of ethical investment?
What even is it?!
Does it make financial sense for institutions like SOAS?

We put these questions, and a few more, to an ethical investment guru.

For the third episode of the Fossil Free SOAS ‘Divestment Digest’ we were joined by Bill McKibben, a co-founder of the organisation, and key advocate for fossil fuel divestment.

For the second show of the Fossil Free SOAS ‘Divestment Digest’, we meet with representatives from Fossil Free UCL and Kings College to talk about the need to unite campus activists for fossil fuel divestment.

This is the first instalment in the 'Divestment Digest' series, based at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London UK, focusing on the university campaign to divest from fossil fuels.

The last of the unaired Seoul System shows back from 2010. Kwon finds a fun track but from a completely unexpected artist, while Seb channels his inner Korean Nelly. This episode features music from Rhyme-A, Leo Kekoa, Double Trouble and a classic from DJ DOC.

A late night recording of the show leaves Kwon and Seb a little scatter business as usual! This latest episode features coffee and coke, discussions about Ja Rule's diet, bad impressions of Korean reggae artists, and of course great music, featuring the likes of MC Sniper, Primary, the Hi-Lite crew, as well as a classic track by CB Mass.


Another chilled out show, this time from early 2013. Well...supposedly chilled out, but with Seb and Kwon it doesn't always stay that way. Featuring music from Zion. T, Dok2 and Dumbfoundead, as well as something a little different with Ailee and Brave Girls.

Another unreleased show from 2010, this time Seb and Kwon play some more chilled out, soulful tracks, from the likes of Boni, Jinbo and Tasha.

Where is the most spiritual place in Indonesia? What should you eat if you cannot handle street food? This is the first episode of the Bon Voyage series, where the hosts Maria and Cecile talk to guests Andari Titis and Raisa Tainawi about what the 17,000 island archipelago is all about. From dealing with the infamous Jakarta traffic to local legends and the best local food, this podcast is bound to make Indonesia your next dream destination.

Ya shabab! Here’s a sneak preview of the first episode of Yalla Bina, the radio show all about the music and culture of Palestine and the surrounding area. The first half of the show is a mini-mix of the cream of hip hop arabi (track-list below), followed by an interview with Rami GB, a super nice and talented MC and producer broadcasting out of Ramallah. Enjoy!

Carrying on with shows in 2013 (show 22 was recorded on 24th Jan 2013), Kwon and Seb talk about hip-hop spelling, trolling and cassette tapes, as well as playing some old gems from the likes of Epik High, Honey Family and Drunken Tiger.

Mallorca, land of sun and sea, but who knew it was also land of bagpipes? This episode introduces the xeremies, the Mallorcan bagpipes, played all throughout the island after an important revival in the 1970s. From old recordings of the 1960s to the most modern rendition of piping, here is a glimpse into the real music of Mallorca...

Recorded three years ago on March 12th 2010 live at the SOAS Radio Studio, the Seoul System team brings you a very special show with guest Korean Hip-hop artist Jazzy Ivy! Ivy was in London hosting an international b-boy event and Seoul System dragged him to the SOAS Radio studios to spit some freestyle, talk about music and answer some listener’s questions. Check out the three live freestyle songs as well some of his favourite picks.

G火자 – T(윤미래)
다 똑같아 – Swings
Lyrics of Fury – Gehrith Isle

African Development Forum (ADF) have been running for two years now and the this years forum was graced by an array of guests from different fields, all working in development in Africa. Listen to David Muller, one of its members, speak about this years theme and who are the speakers for this forum.

In this special feature we chat with KBC, one of the founding members of the legendary Swahili Hip Hop crew, Kwanza Unit. Listen in to find out more about the history of Swahili Hip Hop and where its headed in the next few years.

Harvey has company in the studio this week: Liv Brissach is one of the curators of NorskArt 2013, an exhibition for Norwegian art students in the UK. The theme this year is immigration, and Martine Poppe, who studies at the Slade, explains her contribution to the show. There's also the usual eclectic mix of music. Themes this week include synesthesia and Hawaii.

New show recorded on 15th January 2013, Kwon and Sebastian are officially back. Having been gone for a while their hosting skills have perhaps gone a little rusty, but as always the music is on point! Featuring tracks from the likes Primary, Beenzino and Koonta and a new exclusive from Jinbo, let's welcome back the Seoul System boys and look forward to what they will bring in the year 2013.

The elections in Kenya has got everyone debating, analysing and speculating! Listen to the a diasporic take on the election process and the outcome. Plus a comparison to the elections in the UK!


Afande Sele ft. Solo and Prof. Jay - Mtazamo
Mansu Li - Shabiki
Mwanahapa - Ramani
Stereo - Nitabaki Juu

This week we're celebrating World Radio Day with a one hour special! Check out tracks from X Plastaz Mixtape - Shule - and a whole load of interviews!

The next edition of the SOAS Spirit is out next Wednesday, 6th February. In sports, James Appleby speaks to Geoff Lee, the co-ordinator of the Red Card Israeli Racism Campaign.

The next edition of the SOAS Spirit is out next Wednesday, 6th February. In features, we have the director Marta Schmidt and music director of the Amrit Lohia from the 'Tales of 1947' play taking place this weekend (2nd and 3rd march) at Russell Square. It includes music for the play, played by Amrit. plus, a round-up of highlights from the features section by features correspondent Charlotte England.

The next edition of the SOAS Spirit is out next Wednesday, 6th february. In news, it's all about the upcoming Student Union elections- we hear from chief editor of the SOAS Spirit, Mohammad Tahboub who is discussing the elections debate being held on the 4th March as well as some SOAS Students on what they think about the elections.

Harvey takes off this week, speaking to Highasakite at Highbury Garage, during an event promoting Oslo's Øya Festival, alongside Sandra Kolstad. Mostly by coincidence, the rest of the show has a heavy Reykjavík population with music from Sin Fang's new album, plus Retro Stefson, Hafdis Bjarnadóttir and Lay Low. Enough to see you through the week, but to keep you coming back for more.

A whole hour of bagpipe music for this special edition of Bagpipes Galore celebrating World Radio Day 2013.
Here is a selection of some of the finest piping music from around the world with sounds from Bulgaria to Portugal, Southern Italy to Northern England and with a special Iranian jazz fusion piece. Open your ears and welcome back into the unending world of bagpipes!

Harvey Bruce unleashes the first Nordorama Mixtape - 50 minutes the best and ballsiest that the Nordics have to offer, including múm, Hedningarna, Highasakite and a few acts from Rune Grammofon.

In preparation for World Radio Day, Harvey speaks to BBC Radio 3 presenter Fiona Talkington about her passion for Norwegian music, and what the British music industry can learn from its Nordic counterparts. There's also music from Mew, a Danish band who have just announced that they're splitting and something very new from Iceland ex-pat John Grant.

In this podcast, you can listen to just a few of the highlights you can expect from the next edition of the Spirit, which is out next Tuesday, 5th February. In news, SOAS Spirit correspondent Cristiana Moisescu discusses her article on the recent Mali intervention. In features, we have US poet Shihan talking poetry and the SOAS Spoken Word event 'Expressions of Love'. Plus a round up of highlights from the features section by features correspondent Katie O'Reilly Boyles.

Retro show from summer 2010 finally released! Kwon and Seb are back from a break and look at rivalries and beef between artists and fans such as ChoPD and Rimi. Epik High, Dok2, T, and Double K are amongst a few that feature in each other's collaborations taken from the 'Map The Soul' label. Joe Brown and Deez provide the smoother feel of the show.

A week of off-kilter music as Harvey speaks to Nis, The frontman of the intuitive Copenhagen music group Thulebasen. Some of their tunes are joined by hard-poppers LCMDF, a pump organ metal(ish) band from Norway, and four guys heralded as the last punk band in Finland. Enough Nordic music to make your head spin like he North Pole.

Back from Chrismas! Loads of energy packed in this show. We feature a Brand New track 'Chuki' requested by one of our listeners! Shout out to Jumbenylon! A lot is happening here at SOAS so listen on how to get to the Swahili pub crawl this Friday in London. Also we talk about the the Patrice Lumumba Coalition meeting and the Media in Tanzania!


Zaiid ft. Damien - Mistari Yako
C-Low ft. Babro - Chuki
Man Njoro, Checkmate, Ekori na Fundi Frank - Wanajua
MC Senzo ft Edzen na Fid Q - Hapa Hapa